Actual Players You Should Stare at During the World Cup

Let me start this by saying I’ve literally realised I don’t care what any of you think – I will be merciless on this. I am so tired of getting linked with those “hottest players etc etc this world cup” from the likes of Buzzfeed, Elle, some weird ass fashion magazine in Zimbabwe, etc. I am appalled by their lack of research. It’s like they just googled “hot football guys” and fucking went with it. No one in their right mind would think Glen Johnson is attractive, yet he is included in half of the fucking lists that have been sent to me. Also, why do you keep sending them to me? You think I, of all people, don’t know who will be attractive? I let these assholes ruin my life every weekend for 9 months every year (middle of the week sometimes, thanks Champions League) so yeah I can basically tell you which of these bungholes are attractive.

My criteria: If I can still stand them by the end of the season and have no urge whatsoever to ship them to the MLS so their careers can die, then they are a-okay.

Also: If you are one of those haters who shit on people who don’t watch football regularly but would like to participate now during the world cup, then FUCK YOU. We live in a football barren country, YOU FUCKING TAKE WHAT YOU CAN GET AND CONVERT THOSE PEOPLE TO BECOME FOOTBALL FANS. THAT IS YOUR JOB!!! DON’T BE FUCKING UPPITY YOU STUPID MAGOO!

Now, off to the men!


Oscar Dos Santos Emboaba Jr.

this is child pornography, this is

this is child pornography, this is

Why? I’ll give you good reasons, unlike Buzzfeed who just say “look at his glorious etc etc” like wow great job my big toe could have written that.

Neymar has always been touted as the “golden boy” of Brazil, and he will get all the plaudits at the end of this tournament if he doesn’t fuck up. But it is Oscar who will light up and sprinkle magic dust every time he steps on the pitch. I know he might look like he’s five years old and that they only let him join because he wrote to Make-A-Wish, but he is twenty two and he is FINE in all aspects of the word, on the pitch and off. Oscar is the type that every time you look at him, there’s always something new to ogle at. I’m thanking the stars that this boy learned how to comb his hair because honestly during his first year in Chelsea, he looks like someone just woke him up because he’s late for football practice.

David Luiz

An angel bathed in heaven's light

An angel bathed in heaven’s light

I know, I know. Why Ysa? How is he attractive at all? First of all have you seen him topless? The stars weep at the sight of his body.

But let’s get down to why David Luiz is straight up one of the best human beings this planet has produced: Personality. Hah! Ysa how would you know?? BECAUSE HE’S VERY UPFRONT ABOUT IT, DUH. This man has involved himself in every charity that can help children in any way whatsoever. This man sees a kid saying hi to him and he hugs the hell out of that baby and tells him he is loved. He is leaving my club, Chelsea, to go to Paris Saint Germain, and you know what upset fans the most? That we won’t have this prince representing our club’s name. As a player, we won’t miss him much because we have better back ups, but as an ambassador, just him wearing our colours makes our club seem nicer than it ever will be.

How I can convince you, reader: Last year, this kid Oran Tully (who is very sick) was picked by Sky Sports to meet his idol, Chelsea’s John Terry. Now, instead of just meeting him, he met everyone at Chelsea. He asked all of the players a question “What’s your best moment in Chelsea?” and most of them answered winning this or that. But not David Luiz. You know what he said? “This, right now, meeting you!” and kissed the top of Oran’s head. I’M NOT CRYING YOU ARE CRYING GOOD BYE

No Neymar! How could I?: I could because I can see his hair. No Hulk as well because really? Really? When has he been attractive? He is so slow. So, so slow. He has an ass that won’t quit but it just slows him down and honestly, honestly, what is that facial hair situation? God. You know your girl would just about kill for beards, but Hulk needs to step the fuck off and buy a razor. Isn’t Gillette Brazil’s sponsor? What is this negligence then? I need to stop now before he gets angry, don’t really like him when he’s angry.


Ivan Rakitic

no i dont wanna be a trophy u wanna be a trophy

no i dont wanna be a trophy u wanna be a trophy

His hair is made of actual woven gold and you are not allowed to fight me on it. I love Rak-attack. Rakiki. Raki-taka. Okay maybe I kind of went insane when I found out he’s going to Barcelona and started making nicknames. Can you blame your girl? Can you actually blame me? I’m not even going to go in to the cesspool that is my hatred for Barca (no one hates my club more than I do), but he is our saviour, our beacon of light, what Cesc wants to be but can never be, etc. I urge you to watch Croatia play and focus on how his hair bounces. Also how he good he is at his job. Big plus. He also kissed a teammate full on the lips after winning the Europa League, but I don’t know maybe that’s just one of my weird fetishes.

~this something I cant resist..ur lips are undeniable~

~this something I cant resist..ur lips are undeniable~

Rest of Croatia: Their beards are very nice to look at that’s it I have no snark for this

Weird tip: Don’t look at Luka Modric like intensely maybe just look at his skills because honestly Luka. you just won the Champions League, recovering crack addict is not a good look.

Mexico & Cameroon: 

Guys, I think you’re all great, so why would I subject you to watching Mexico play. Or Cameroon. Or like, watching them play against each other? You say, Ysa how racist! I say, haha do you even know what racism actually is? Racism is not a joke and should never be included in football, end of. I don’t like watching certain national teams play because I don’t like their style, simple as that. It’s as simple as saying I don’t like watching Real Madrid because they annoy the living shit out of me. Also, Chicharito is the closest thing they have to something to be stared at, and even Manchester United opted to not play him to save us from having to look at him.



Sike. Fooled you. Just like this team has been fooling you for the past two years. You know, nothing more annoying than someone who used to have it good, but then ignores that the world around them has evolved then complains why the good old habits of yesteryears don’t seem to quite do it anymore. No one likes a preachy senile old man, Spain.

Now, to the men.

Cesar Azpilicueta

hello ladies

hello ladies

Ysa, not a Chelsea player again!! Here’s the thing, bitcherooney: I want you to at least see some good in this team. Azpi is one of the best fullbacks in the world, is part of the best defence in Europe and the only reason I felt bad for Spain a tiny bit. Watch him, watch his gloriously timed runs, watch his perfectly executed tackles and thank the heavens he is Spanish. Imagine if that was Arbeloa still there. This man’s passion will make you feel pain. Can you imagine how he felt having to be part of a defence that has Pique and Ramos as a CB pairing? Have some pity on the guy. Also: Ath-pili-kweta.

David Silva & Andres Iniesta

chino and da don!!

chino and da don!!

What? A pairing? Y E S. There is something incredibly attractive in two players having some sort of magical connection. David Silva and Iniesta just make you go *beyonce voice* god damn god damn god damn!!!!! when they do their sublime passing with each other. I fully expect you to be watching them closely from now on, and for that, you are welcome.

Juan Mata

si mi amor, Gabriel Garcia Marquez is better than Murakami

Si mi amor, Gabriel Garcia Marquez is better than Murakami

I’m not over him leaving us. I will never get over it (unless he comes to Barcelona, come on, do it) but he simply cannot be ignored. This man makes straight men gay. I’ve seen it happen. I remember one time he instagrammed a picture of an old theatre saying he just watched Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine. Are you fucking kidding me, Juanin? I’ve been hearing rumors that he is gay (or bi, not sure) and I am not even surprised because if there’s anything I am good at, it is falling in love with closeted gay men.

Javi “where am I?” Martinez

he doesnt have a picture where he doesnt look lost sorry

he doesnt have a picture where he doesnt look lost sorry

Aside from the lost jokes (he was left by Bayern’s bus at the Camp Nou after securing a place in the 2013 CL finals), there’s a reason why the Bavarian giants splashed a bunch of euros on this former Bilbao man. He is good. He is so good. Remember 2013 Bayern? Ah, the good old days before Pep forced them into Tiki Taka. He was the heart of that. He has a goofy smile that just melts the ice queen in me. He’ll bring out the caring mother in you.  Ah, Javi. You silly giraffe.

Xabi Alonso

i love this meme

i love this meme

Must I get into this. Must I really. There are men out there who, no matter what, will stand the test of time. This is Xabier. Even Jesus is like “omg Xabi!!111!!”.

Rest of Spain: If this was 2010 I would gladly put all of them here. But times have changed. People became worse at their jobs. Sergio Ramos made people believe he was good because he scored goals, but forgot he’s a pretty lousy CB. Emotions take you far, but letting it control you too much leads to many mistakes, Serhio. I wanna guide you all in life, I want to help you, so let me starts with this: Gerard Pique has never been good looking. If I was forced to look at his eyes and his eyes alone, maybe yes. But that man has given me enough grief for the last 4 years. Spain’s best keeper last year was Victor Valdes, not Iker. Why is David Villa here. Why is Fernando Torres here. Fernando Llorente, handsomest of all, scorer of actual goals, is not called up. I welcome all your anger with open arms. (also can we quit thinking Cesc is good looking? He probably is but he’s very bad at his job and so, you know, bye)

Netherlands, Chile, Australia:

You are lying to me if you tell me you are going to watch them play. Any team that has Van Persie and Vlaar on it instantly gets ugly, so why bother? Let us move on.

Whole of Group C:


tall yes bearded yes tattoo yes yes yesssss

tall yes bearded yes tattoo yes yes yesssss

I do not chase men, but if I see him walking down the street, a bitch just might start power walking.

There is no one else here. Save yourself from this group.

Uruguay and Costa Rica:

Were any of you on the Forlan train? No? Good. We can move on to the good stuff.


Like Roy Hodgson, I will focus on the youth even tho they will probably let the whole country down. Probably.

Luke Shaw

someone saw him and said bae and that is how bae started I am led to believe

someone saw him and said bae and that is how bae started I am led to believe

Who is he, you ask. Thank you for your question!!! Luke Shaw is 19 years old and a promising left back from Southampton. Will he stay there? Probably not. Will he play for Manchester United? Will it matter? they’re not in the Champions League, who cares. He looks like a puppy and his body is banging. How is he 19, you ask me. I ask myself that every day while I shower. If I find the answer, I’ll let you know ASAP.

Adam Lallana

guns show

guns show

He is actually 26 years old, so I’m allowed to ogle this one. I’m just really into beards okay. He looks like a sheep and I want to be his shepherd.

Rest of England: Must we talk about Wilshere? Ugh, f i n e. He’s cute, but if you had to spend some years listening to everyone overhype the guy, then you’d probably just feel bad for him and say “it’s okay Jack, you have your dimples, they will never be overrated”.  They also have Wayne Rooney which really just dampens the whole experience.


Oh god where do I start????

Claudio Marchisio

oh dear god

oh dear god

Principino. Mi amore. Spaghetti. Grazie. Prosciutto. Ah. Bearded, shaven, naked, clothed, whatever – he just does it. He used to have long curly hair. I was in crisis then. Now he started being all ~fashion~ and I honestly have no words anymore. Also helps that he’s great at this football thing.

Ciro Immobile



what a face this face what a cute this cute!! I want to pinch and bite your cheeks!!! He is also very good at scoring, that’s why he’s leaving Torino for the bright lights of Borussia Dortmund (you know what it is).

Mattia De Sciglio

hahaha who am i

hahaha who am i

What is it with me and younger guys? Isn’t my aim in life to date a dying billionaire? Will he be my side bae? Should I write this as fan fiction? Tune in next week when I have another existential crisis because a 20 year old took off his shirt. ALSO CAN ITALIANS KNOCK OFF THE WHOLE SUIT THING IT’S NOT VERY GOOD FOR MY HEALTH GOD

Can you just do me a favor and look at their roster I mean honestly god

Switzerland, Ecuador, Honduras: 

lol nah


Antoine Griezmann

"I am focus!!!"

“I am focus!!!”

Ah mon petit macaron. A man I mostly kept to myself because I was selfish and he’s an idiot so it’s actually embarrassing to show him off. But what a talent! When he scores, you will definitely remember. He just doesn’t care for ~simple~ goals. There’s a video of him gallivanting around New York with his sister and after watching that I had an epiphany “wow he’s actually a huge buttface” but I’m into it so what can I do. Too deep, etc.

Rest of France: I’d probably get hate if we’re on tumblr right now because I left out Olivier Giroud, but honestly? There’s only so much stupidity one can take from one player, and he doesn’t even play for my club. It used to be cute, I used to laugh at his incompetence in using hashtags, but buddy, you’re just not very smart. You disappoint me so much I can’t even look at you anymore. Karim Benzema’s the type of guy you avoid at the club. You feel oily the minute he stares at you.


Leo Messi, Angel di Maria, Gonzalo Higuain, Sergio Aguero

by your powers combined...

by your powers combined…

Ysa!! A foursome? And Di Maria, really? Ladies, ladies. Calm down. What I give to you is the sexiest attack in world football right now. I want you to enjoy football too, you know. I don’t want you to just stare at guys for 90 minutes because it gets tiring (and heartbreaking for some) so here, have some sexy football. Argentina’s defence isn’t as glorious as this, so all of the pressure will truly be on them to bail them out of this World Cup.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: 

I want you all to give this team some love. This is their first world cup EVER! That’s all.

Nigeria and Iran: 





If I do this like I did for everyone I will probably write 50,000 words and that will not be enough to tell you how I feel about each and everyone of these jungs.

Let me just give you some names (that are actually at the World Cup, unlike some lists that included guys who aren’t even called up or are injured? Like? RESEARCH GOD DAMN!!)

Mats Hummels


your faves could never

Manuel Neuer


Duckface magoo

Erik Durm


Prince Erik of Kingdom Borussia

Philipp Lahm

how r u REAL

how r u REAL

Bastian FUCKING Schweinsteiger



You might be thinking, they’re not all sexy, Ysa. WELL SORRY BECAUSE THEY ARE FOOTBALL GODS!!! There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING sexier than someone who does their job so efficiently. Nothing. Lahm so good he can play in any position literally don’t fight me on this because I will defend Lahm until my dying breath. Good bye.


I’m pretty sure this team does not exist

USA and Ghana:

It’s incredibly futile to talk about things that won’t matter in the end.


Eden Hazard

i dont think ur ready for this jelly

i dont think ur ready for this jelly

Actual human garbage bag and deplorable goat. He is what Giroud should aim to be, incredibly dumb but is one of the best in his field. Least you could do. Demented little genius with an ass that just won’t quit. God bless u for coming to my life.

Thibaut Courtois

"Me? Get the award for best keeper in La Liga for how many years running now? Ahaha, you are correct"

“Me? Get the award for best keeper in La Liga for how many years running now? Ahaha, you are correct”

Behold, ladies, the best goalkeeper in the world – for the next decade or so. Goodbye, Iker. Goodbye, Manuel. Goodbye, Gigi. Goobye, Petr. Iker Casillas is not extremely handsome – not at all. He gets the ladies with his saint-like saves. Thibaut is an upgrade – taller, leaner, faster reflexes. He can be real cute too.

Thomas Vermaelen

cheeks so sharp it cut metal like buttah

cheeks so sharp it cut metal like buttah

Captain cheekbones. Fancy face. I’ve called him many things these past few years, because I am that chick who hollas at every butt she sees. He hasn’t played much because of injuries but he’s pretty fit now (yeah he is) and hopefully he plays an important role in Belgium’s defence.

The rest of Belgium: They are all cuties ok! I think I made a point about this in my guide to the WC, but I must say it again – THEY ALL CUTE. Ya’ll might be like, who the fuck is Belgium?? PROBABLY SOME OF THE MOST GOOD LOOKING LADS YOU WILL EVER SEE (plus they are so good with the football and such).

South Korea, Algeria and Russia: 

Are any of you even reading still? Ya’ll are not gonna watch these guys play anyway (unless they’re playing the Belgians) so I’m not going to pretend I am in any way attracted to any of their players.


Congrats on finishing this and I hope you enjoy the men – but most importantly, the football!

(all images are from google and tumblr :3 )


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Ysa’s easy guide to the FIFA 2014 World Cup

Hello! I’m alive! Hah! Another football post! Forgive me!

Anyway, I’ve gotten a ton of requests from my friends (who are all gay) to make this since they are going to watch the upcoming World Cup and they want to know what’s going on and who is who. If you follow me on Tumblr, you may have been bombarded by pictures of football players that are incredibly handsome (and talented, important). I may have pushed them to get attracted to my club’s players so this is ultimately my fault, really.

Also, if you only get to watch football during international competitions (World Cup, Euro Cup, etc) well then this is a refresher course! League football (Premier, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga) is pretty hard to watch in this country. Biggest fucking sport in the world and yet, you have to go through so much to get a decent fucking channel to air matches.


If this is your first time watching football seriously, or at all, please do not judge the sport on this event. This is national football, meaning countries have no choice whatsoever on who plays for them – they can’t fucking draft people, they take what they can get. The football itself may not be as great as what you can watch on actual club level. If you want to watch amazing football, head on over to the Champions League, which is arguably the best competition in the world. We can’t all be Spain, Germany or Brazil here. What makes the WC great, however, is that these players are playing for pride and you bet your ass they will give their all on that pitch.


I’ll do this by groups – as you know, the 32 countries are divided into 8 groups of 4, then we get the last 16 from there, and so on.


Brazil – Okay I will admit to being a bit skeptical when it comes to these guys. Since they are the host country, they get automatic qualification so they didn’t have to play qualifiers, meaning I didn’t get to judge them so much for 3 years. The team is in huge transition, and if the last time you saw Brazil was in South Africa 2010, then you are in for the shock of your life. You will not recognise this team. But, something happened in a span of 2 years – the young players started becoming prominent in their respective clubs. Thiago Silva, Oscar, Neymar, Ramires, David Luiz, Dante, Marcelo – all had stellar seasons with their clubs. They are starting to gel, and Neymar, who’s had a complicated start in Barca because of tax issues, has an amazing goal-scoring form with the national team. The Confeds last year really showed us what they can do – they beat Spain (YES, SPAIN!!!) 3-0 at the Maracana. It’s going to be fun watching them, and I have a feeling they will be in the final – playing in your country does wonders, as was evidenced by their thrashing of the Lannisters of football (hahah Spain).

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 12.48.40 PM

Croatia – Their striker Mario Mandzukic (of Bayern Munich royalty) is suspended for 3 matches, I think. So I don’t know. Can Luka Modric, who is having an amazing second season at Real Madrid, carry them to get out of the group? We’ll see.

Mexico – Lol lol lol lol best player is a benchwarmer for Manchester United and they barely made it to the World Cup. But hey, lots of things can happen from now till June – their new manager might get something out of these guys. Still, lol.

Cameroon – Thank u for coming hope u liked the tour of Brazil come again


Spain – Ah, a conundrum. Can they win again? I don’t care. What’s going to be interesting is the selection of the 23 men coming to Brazil. They have a problem that most other countries would die to have – their national team is full of talented players. All of their guys are starters and actual superstars for their clubs. But, unless you are from Barcelona or Real Madrid, you are not guaranteed a spot. I like Spain but I don’t love them, you know? They usually infuriate me. I have a lot of respect for Iker Casillas because he is an amazing goalkeeper, but his drama last year because of being benched was stupid(club over player anytime, asshole. No one is undroppable – NO ONE), and his girlfriend ruined the Real Madrid dressing room. Power couple of the decade. They also have that striker dilemma, who can play the most effective number 9 in the Spain system, because lord knows Diego Costa tried. Anyway they have a lot of handsome men and are very nice to look at but I would really like to see them alter their style of play that is all thank u. ALSO IF YOU CHOOSE ARBELOA OVER AZPILICUETA THEN WE ARE DONE SPAIN!! WE ARE DONE!!!

In all seriousness though, if you have a soft spot for these dummies, they are honestly unbeatable at their best. They are incredibly rich with talent and if they are all utilised in the best way, then what’s stopping them from picking up this trophy again? The catalyst (or would be) of this team is the downfall of Tiki-taka. Barcelona has been found out during their 7-0 aggregate thrashing by Bayern (I’m still recovering from this by the way) and Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid has beaten them well during the past 2 years. That system doesn’t work flawlessly anymore. You need your defenders to actually defend. You can’t keep the ball all the time and expect to always have an end product – people know how to get it back now and counter their asses off. Your wingers need to be fullbacks and your fullbacks need to be wingers. The likes of David Silva and Juan Mata need to work even without the ball – these kinds of players can be high risks when they play against attacking sides with bullies in midfield. Iker is great yes whatever, but he’s going to be well fucked if his defenders continually blow things up for him. A centerback pairing of fucking Pique and Ramos is the most laughable thing in football now. How Ramos still gets into the Fifa World 11 every year is beyond me. Fucking beyond. He collects red and yellow cards for fun. Ugh I can literally do this all day.

Sorry I have a lot of grievances to air out with Spain.

this is Jesus Navas

this is Jesus Navas

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 12.49.27 PM

Netherlands – ugh. UGHHH. I literally do not like this team because they are so dirty but I guess watch out for Van Persie, Sneijder and Arjen Robben. UGHHHHHHHH!!!!

Chile – Take them seriously. They outplayed Germany (they lost but whatever) and tbh they just need clinical finishers and they are good to go. Juventus maestro Arturo Vidal (his head looks like a vagina) is here, so is Barca’s Alexis Sanchez who hit form under Tata Martino’s guidance. Spain better be careful.

Australia – They’ll have a fun time at the beach I guess.


Colombia – eh. Falcao might not make it due to an awful injury(while playing for fucking Monaco?? who even watches you bro??), but this is a rather evenly matched group – all four have a chance of progressing, so we’ll see. They had the edge with Falcao, but hmm. This is difficult.

Greece – Last I saw they had a pretty solid defence. Let’s see if that will carry them towards the round of 16.

Ivory Coast – Two words: Yaya Toure. Also: DROGBAAAAAAAA!!! But seriously though, Yaya Toure is the best player in the premier league right now and although I despise his team I am not ashamed to say it. I love him (he was a Barcelona player) and think the world of him. He and Drogba might be able to do something, along with Gervinho who’s having a good time at AS Roma.

Japan – Shinji Kagawa used to be my sunshine prince when he was playing for Dortmund. Now that he “plays” for United, all I feel for him is pity because they ruined him. HE WAS A SUPERSTAR!! HE WAS SUPPOSED TO RIVAL EDEN HAZARD’S RISE!! WHY!!! but yeah Japan’s cool, they have as much chance as everyone else in this group.


Uruguay – They have Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani up front. Yeah. But they were still beat by Spain and Italy at the confeds last year so… You can’t always outscore the opponent.

Costa Rica – Yeah like, have some fun, don’t feel too bad, you get to play against great teams, the fact that you made it this far is an achievement! Clap clap clap.

England – There is only one thing I ask of England – that they crash out of the competition by penalties. Nothing more entertaining than watching English internationals taking penalties (besides Lampard, Gerrard and by some extension, Ashley Cole). It’s like, you want to look away because secondhand embarrassment but then it’s such great entertainment seeing these guys fail? It’s the best. I also hope that they call up the young boys so they can work alongside some greats. Luke Shaw, Jay Rodriguez, Adam Lallana – these men deserve to be on the plane to Brazil come summer. ALSO LUKE SHAW IS 18 YEARS OLD HE IS THE CUTEST THING WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE???

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 12.49.36 PM

Italy – Contrary to popular belief I don’t actually hate Italy – I just love Germany so much and wanted them to win so they can get the Euro Cup they deserve. But ah, it was not meant to be. Anyway, Italy’s quite alright. Andrea “actual Jesus” Pirlo is still a boss, Iker Casillas’ actual lover Gianluigi Buffon is still a goalkeeping Don. Claudio Marchisio causes me actual pain in the chest, and Mario Balotteli feels like he has something to prove. They crashed out of the WC 2010 along with France during the group stage, so these guys would probably be looking to avenge themselves. Can you believe it? From winning the cup in 2006, to crashing out during the fucking group stage four years later. This is going to be exciting to see, I hope they don’t disappoint.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 12.49.45 PM


Switzerland – I don’t know why they have a high ranking, I mean I’ve seen them play? What is this? So many unexplainable things! They beat Spain once. That can go in their history.

Ecuador – They’re okay. Don’t expect much.

France – They don’t have a great striker. I mean they have Giroud..but no. Benzema for some reason sucks when he’s playing for France. Okay maybe Ribery can help them? Tbh France had to go to the playoffs against Ukraine and LOST the first leg 2-0, then made a comeback in the home leg. Don’t bet on them to go that far. Also: Antoine Griezmann.

Honduras – Certificate of participation goes to…


Argentina – Ah. Hmm. Here’s the thing: Messi. Aguero. Di Maria. Higuain. But then again, they have Demichelis. Jokes aside, this is a great team, but will Brazil allow their enemies to win in their home soil? I don’t know. Lionel Messi is the best player of this generation, and a lot of people are saying that he only needs the World Cup to be the best of ALL TIME. For me he’s already the best of all time, I don’t need him to win a WC. Yeah this team will go the distance, but will they win it? There’s politics involved. Rivalries. They beat Brazil in a friendly 2 years ago but that doesn’t count and it’s in New York so no home advantage to anyone. Diego Maradonna had no business leading this team in 2010 and he is the reason they suffered. Their new manager has got his stuff right though. Watch all their matches.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – This is their first ever world cup!! YAYY!!! They’re pretty cool and Edin Dzeko might impress. I had a slight crush on him but he plays for Manchester City so that died out pretty quick. I hope they get to the round of 16! I quite like them!

Iran – I’m really glad for them that they’re going to Brazil, that’s all!

Nigeria – They’re a good team! Saw them last year at the confeds and recently against Mexico. It was a goalless draw but it was very entertaining. They might actually progress to the round of 16 instead of Bosnia but we’ll see.





Okay now that I got that out of my system, how do I even begin with Germany? They deserve to win everything ever made. Everything. Manuel Neuer is the best goalkeeper in the world BETTER THAN YOUR FAVORITE OKAY MILES AHEAD. Mats Hummels, who is an actual God and whose face was carved by Venus herself, is DA BEST center back like Dortmund keeps losing when he’s not around?? Hello??? (he has issues with Jogi the manager tho but whatevs) Thomas Muller is the best Thomas Muller (seriously what does he actually do? Who is aware) ever and he scores goals that are not physically possible from his actual position like where does he find space at all. Marco Reus and Mario Goetze together makes everything better, Miroslav Klose, as old as he is, is still better than all your forwards. Mesut Ozil is a magician and he deserves all the praise (ARSENAL FANS PLEASE COOPERATE). Ugh everyone is perfect that is it.

I want them to win and when they don’t I will convince myself they got the moral victory that’s it.


Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 12.49.55 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 12.50.05 PM

Portugal – Cristiano Ronaldo and some other dudes probably.

Ghana – They are awesome because they have Michael Essien.

USA – It’s very nice that they’re trying I mean really good for you clap clap clap also Landon Donovan is old so is Clint Dempsey so yeah, bye.




But I am here to help you all. For those who are open to new stuff, please watch the Belgians this upcoming tournament because they have an array of young talent that are becoming actual phenomenons in their respective clubs. Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, Kevin De Bruyne, Christian Benteke, Jan Vertonghen, Thomas Vermaelen, Vincent Kompany, Thorgan Hazard, Thibaut Courtouis – these guys are all beasts. Some of these guys are owned by my club, Chelsea and Eden Hazard is becoming a God and a half under Jose Mourinho.

They might not win but you may witness the rise of a future powerhouse.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 12.50.17 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 12.50.33 PM

Algeria – Thank u so much for coming tho

Russia – They’re actually still quite good and if Arshavin gets his shit together they might beat out South Korea for the 2nd spot in the group.

South Korea – They have players from the Bundesliga and the PL so they can compete seriously. They might make round of 16 we’ll never know.

Additional info: 

Best kits: Germany, Argentina, Spain (their 2nd kit, the black one, looks gorgeous on them). Adidas turned it up this year! Honestly!

If you want to talk to me about football please tweet me at @ZforZola. I will be tweeting from there the whole time during the World Cup (I actually tweet more there than I ever do at @Scaredpotta) so don’t be all surprised that I’m quiet during the matches I am just actually in another twitter where I am accepted thank u god bless.

Most importantly, just enjoy it! This happens every 4 years! I know for sure there’s going to be a lot of hate like in 2010 because people are very narrow-minded, but fuck them! Football is the most beautiful sport in the world – there’s a reason why even basketball players such as Kobe Bryant geek the fuck out over Messi and company. Enjoy the handsome faces, the perfectly sculpted butts – they’re going to be sweating like crazy because it’s in Brazil and it will be glorious.

And now, the waiting begins. Less than 100 days! For now, let’s anticipate the commercials – you know they’re going to be insane. Nike, Adidas, Pepsi – BRING IT.

Lots of love and butts,


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A Tale of Two Cities

Apologies for the lateness once again, but here I am.

This post is going to be about a new favourite book of mine  – (Yes! A book review! Finally! said Aldrin) but alas my dear friend, I fear it is not the type of book you care for, but I will still try to entertain.

Fear and Loathing in La Liga: Barcelona vs Real Madrid by Sid Lowe is one of the best books I’ve ever read that’s not fiction. I rarely read books that are non-fiction, and most of those are about football. Sports/football writing can be a drab and a tab annoying, and will always usually come out with a bias because that’s just how things go in the world of footy. Sid Lowe, however, is in a different class. I know it’s very hard to put into words just how amazing the most beautiful sport in the world is, but Sid does it time and time again. Even when it’s not about a match (about managerial issues, example) he still sets up the perfect scenario for the fans. Here’s two of my favourite articles of his: one about Messi and this one about Mourinho leaving Real Madrid.

Here is me with book. I recommend it so much that I put my face next to it - the ultimate seal of approval!

Here is me with the book. I recommend it so much that I put my face next to it – the ultimate seal of approval!

Fans of Barcelona would look at the cover and already scoff – why so white? Why do the Los Blancos (Real Madrid) get more than half of the cover? (I am one of said fans). I don’t think it’s a secret to a lot of people that I am a Cule, a Barcelona fan. I have been for many years now, was ridiculed for it because I became one right about the time the Galacticos of Real Madrid were ruling world football. But, here’s the thing: you really don’t choose your club. It chooses you, just like the wands you buy at Ollivander’s. You can watch every match of every football club that you can, and there’s this one club that makes you want to puke and punch yourself in the face – and that’s your club. Talking about choosing a football club is exactly like talking about Wandlore. It’s a complex branch of magic.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid is something I will not admit to ever understanding, and I never will. It is not just a football rivalry. It is a tale of two cities – a tale of two nations, even. Going to Barcelona after being in Madrid is like going to another country. Nothing is the same. Culturally, politically, linguistically- they have distanced themselves from each other, and will continue to do so until the state of Catalonia gets its “independencia”. But I think that’s highly impossible, at least in my lifetime.

This is me trying to scratch the surface of this rivalry. Sid Lowe, however, did it perfectly and without bias (yes you heard that right). The amount of research that went into this book is outstanding. The level of the people he got to interview can’t be beat- Di Stefano, Cruyff, Stoichkov, Van Gaal, Figo, Butragueno – the list goes on. The book is more than enlightening, it’s what everyone needed to know without sugarcoating anything. Lowe kept it objective but raised some great points when needed. This is a tale told time and time again, and will be told centuries on. It’s not going to stop. It’s a symbiotic relationship, as many of the sports journalists have cried from years ago up to now. Lowe summed it up perfectly in his book – no matter what is happening in their club, fans of both Madrid and Barca have an eye on each other. “We are losing, but they are as well.” “We are winning but they are still above us in the standings, oh no.”  these can be heard inside my room every match day.

I am not Catalan, so I can’t even begin to describe what Barcelona means. I am not Castilian so I also cannot describe what Madrid really is. I am on the outside looking in, and although I am a die-hard Barcelona fan, my anguish cannot come close to the Catalans when we lose a “*Clasico”

*Clasico or El Clasico is what they call it every time Barca and Real Madrid face each other.

I recommend this book highly because after reading it, I got to see why Catalans feels the way they do towards Real Madrid – and vice versa. Also, I felt like I fell in love with Barca all over again. I have asked a couple of friends abroad who support Madrid and have said the same thing – the book made them proud to be Madridistas. I guess with the truth out there, seeing it with no hint of bias, just great storytelling, it was easier to stomach. The book held nothing back – be it Barca’s hardships right after Figo left for Madrid, or the curse that was the Galactico era in Real Madrid.

I didn’t mention Messi or Ronaldo that much because in the book, they weren’t talked about so much as well. They are poster boys, being put up against each other simply because they play for these two teams. Ten years from now, even 5 years from now, there will be new poster boys and the rest of us will just be talking about the Ronaldo-Messi rivalry in passing, just another chapter in the Barcelona-Real Madrid struggle for dominance.

Again, to my friends who are Barca fans/football fans, I urge you to read it. I got this on Amazon UK. Well worth the price and the wait for its arrival.


Since I’m already talking about football, I’m just going to go ahead and voice out my frustrations regarding the Ballon D’Or drama. For those not familiar, the Ballon is the highest individual award that can be given in the footballing world. It is voted by the coaches and captains of the national teams, along with some members of the media.

I know a lot of you are asking why I don’t tweet about football that much anymore. Some already know why, but there are some that still ask me, since they’re very surprised by my lack of interest in football matters when I was such a noisy fan last year. I still am, but I don’t want to use my personal twitter anymore. I feel bad for those who don’t care for football, having to be flooded with my thoughts about everything, and I have a lot of them. I created another twitter, @ZforZola, so I can tweet whenever I want without bothering anyone. Okay? Okay.

So, in my other twitter, I’ve been very vocal about my views regarding who should win it this year. Before the season ended this May with Bayern winning the Champions League, I already said I wanted one of them, preferably Franck Ribery, to win the award. No one else came close. Neither Lionel Messi nor Cristiano Ronaldo deserve the award – yes, even after Ronaldo’s stellar performance against Sweden in the world cup qualifiers.

The controversy came when right after that match of Ronaldo’s, it was circulated in the news that the Ballon D’Or voting would be opened again and the deadline pushed back to November 29, instead of the original November 15 date. So many questions to ask, to be honest. Was it because FIFA president Sepp Blatter, who ridiculed Cristiano recently when asked who he prefers between Cron and Messi, wants to get back in his good graces? Was it really because there was a low turnout of votes?

Everyone knows I love Lionel Messi – but I’m not stupid. I’m also a fan of football, the game itself. I know when someone deserves the award above the rest. And Messi does not deserve it this year, not at all, even if he won the league with Barcelona. Cristiano didn’t even win anything with Real Madrid. Spanish football got its ass handed back to it by the Germans this year and everyone knows that. Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund made a mockery of the two footballing giants from Spain by beating them in the Champions League semifinal, on the way to face each other in the final. In the end, it was Germany vs Germany – which German was better this year? In the end Bayern triumphed. Winning the treble in the most spectacular fashion, stats that have never been seen before in the game and yet, here they are, unnoticed because of course only either Messi or Ronaldo get to win right? Bayern showed Barca that you need defence to win matches, by winning 7-0 on aggregate. Messi couldn’t even do anything. Dortmund beat Real Madrid 4-1 in Germany, with the 4 goals scored by one man, Robert Lewandowski. Cristiano scored the one goal because Dortmund made a mistake. The two superstars were humbled, brought to their feet by the Germans.

I’m just going to say this: I’ve always been baffled by the Ballon D’Or or individual awards that are not specific in football. Most goals scored, most this, most that, I understand. But to decide who the best is in the world? every year? It’s a subjective thing. That’s just how I’m going to treat this award from now on – a subjective opinion of whoever voted. For me, if you can divide the Ballon d’Or to 17 or so pieces, to give to every player in Bayern Munich who was involved in their stellar 2012-2013 campaign, that’s the only way this award can hold the truth this year. Football is a team sport, and even if a star shines brighter than the rest, he wouldn’t be that great if the people around him don’t work as hard as he does. Bayern showed everyone this year what teamwork can do – no one stood out immensely. Franck Ribery is the closest thing that shone brighter than the rest of his team, but only because he was the maestro, the conductor of the well-oiled machine.

I’m not a Bayern fan, alright. I’m a Barca and Chelsea fan, but as I said, I am a fan of the game itself and I try to watch as many matches as I can, even when it doesn’t involve my teams. I’m just stating what I saw, and what I saw was the power of world football shifting to the Germans.

And that’s it for my football rant! I’ll be back to regular programming soon because finally, I found my Disneyland pictures!

Adios por ahora!


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Hankering for Hong Kong

I think I’ve mentioned here before that somehow, I am in Hong Kong annually. Well, this year’s no different – only difference is I finally went with a friend. Supposed to be friends, but unfortunately Tin couldn’t make it. There’ll be a next time for us, I’ll make it happen.

As I said, I am used to going there either with family or in recent years, by myself. I found myself alone on the first day actually, and I spent it doing the same thing I always do when alone – getting lost and falling in love with strangers I see in public transport.



The inn I booked for us is situated in Causeway Bay. I’m familiar with Times Square, but not the rest of the area, so I decided to go around and know what’s up. I looked around for a good money changer and found one in Yeewo st, and saw that across that was a shortcut to our inn. Yay Ysa. In that shortcut you can see the Forever 21 (Helga informed me that this was the one that stays open until 1 am) and an Apple store (Vaness Wu did a meet and greet there but we missed him because you’re supposed to reserve a spot? fucking too much tbh).

After going around Causeway I went to Central and saw that all the stores were having a crazy ass sale. H&M was having the best because the store along Queen’s Road was closing so TONS of price slashing. I bought a Kanye shirt because that is to be expected of me. I got tired so I went to my favorite place in the whole of HK (besides Disney Land) – THE FLYING PAN!!!

It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that, Ysa - Dumbledore probably

It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that, Ysa – Dumbledore probably

Also here is a picture of a guy in the subway who looks like Geoffrey (Lannister).

Master Creeper at work

Master Creeper at work

The next day I woke up rather early because I had to pick up Helga from the airport (YAY). I took the train because I literally have no clue how to get to the airport by bus (I know how to get to the city by bus but not to the airport, dumberella).

even in fucking Hong Kong, Manchester United finds a way to ruin my day wow thanks guys

even in fucking Hong Kong, Manchester United finds a way to ruin my day wow thanks guys

As you would expect, Helga and I ate and shopped (the eating, as you can read in her blog, not so much) the day away. We ate at Din Tai Fung and cooled down at The Flying Pan again. For dinner, we went to Pizza Express. Have their pizza with prosciutto and cheese because it changed my life thank you.

The next day we basically did the same stuff, it’s Hong Kong, what do you expect. I’m surprised by our lack of pigging out constantly but when we do eat, we eat good.

Roaring 40s' burger at BLT! Literally found out a day later while googling that this is a very popular burger joint in HK! SO TRY IT.

Roaring 40s’ burger at BLT! Literally found out a day later while googling that this is a very popular burger joint in HK! SO TRY IT.

Helga loves her bacon wrapped phone

Helga loves her bacon wrapped phone

We went to Toys R Us because we are adults with kids (we are the kids) to take care of (again it’s just us tbh) so you know, we played with lightsabers (not penis but a girl can dream).

does this make my penis look big? how about now?

does this make my penis look big? how about now?

So Helga and I went to Mongkok right after because we’re already in the mainland so why not go around before heading back to the island side. We were basically ignoring all the signs about the typhoon and T3 level shit like, gurl it is a little bit of rain calm yourself. When we got to the Ladies Market, they were closing up shop, there was basically nothing to see and it was only 9 pm. Again it was because fucking Labuyo (yeah the storm dude) followed us in Hong Kong under the guise “Utor”. Like bitch u don’t gotta change ur name i know who u be!!!!!

So yes we just went inside Langham Place and Helga had her pictures taken with the Hello Kitty exhibit that we had no idea was there tbh. I think cutesy stuff follow Helga around or they just suddenly appear where she’s going, I can attest to this, it is real. Not one mall had nothing to offer, there was always something cutesy and Helga will find it. She will.

eheheheeheheheheheheehehehehehehehehehe cool gurl

eheheheeheheheheheheehehehehehehehehehe cool gurl (ignore Bayern pls thx)

This was the night we found out about Ichiran ramen because we wanted to find a 24 hour joint in the Causeway Bay area. Unfortunately because of Utor they only had 3 staff members at the restaurant so it would take an hour or so for us to get food, and we were hungry so we looked around and found a Tsui Wah chain right on the other street! Talk about lucky, I’ve always wanted to try their food anyway. I think Helga has pictures, I suck at taking them as u know.

We were supposed to go to Disneyland the next day but no, Utor ruined that too. The city was on lockdown. Every place was closed, even the subway had a new schedule (like 10 min intervals per train?) because the typhoon reached T8 or something, it was the wind really. It rained but it wasn’t scary at all. We went to the Avenue of Stars and all I can think of is KAIJU ALERT, KAIJU ALERT, WHERE IS CHARLIE DAY because the bay is there, I would have front row seats to a Jaeger vs Kaiju affair. I am also 5 yrs old.

We went to Madame Tussauds and I was so angry bc there were tons of people and they had no concept of personal space.

Papic po sir

Papic po sir

fe fi fo fum

fe fi fo fum

Also that night we finally had Ichiran ramen and I swear to ya’ll I met Jesus, he says hello

This is the first ramen I've ever had. Also obvs it is personalized there is none of those chives bullshit

This is the first ramen I’ve ever had. Also obvs it is personalized there is none of those chives bullshit

We went to Disneyland but that is another post because I actually took pictures, you guys! Like photographs! Can you believe it!

Anyway on our last day, we just went around to buy stuff we forgot to buy (mostly me for my sisters and me mum).

And that was it! It was a fairly typical shop and eat trip to Hong Kong. I had a lot of fun because I got to do it with a friend, but I am coming back next week (I know, shut up) because it’s my mom’s birthday month and she wants to celebrate in HK over the weekend.

So much for 2013 being a “Travel ban” year. How the hell am I going to Brazil for FIFA next year? I am now open to your suggestions!


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Here, there

Time for a photo dump, yes? With some funny/weird stories, of course!



I went to Singapore (haha you must all be laughing at me now) last January to attend to some things, be with friends and family, watch Big Night Out, and of course, go crazy. I also got to go to Legoland in Malaysia (just Johor Bahru, don’t get it twisted) with friends but I was a bit disappointed because they had no Harry Potter sets. I mean, why waste my time even, right??


Angkor Wat in Lego form. I want to get paid to do these things.



I attended Big Night Out, which had 3 acts: Band of Horses, Vampire Weekend and the icing on the cake, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It was like a magic, yes.

WAIT!!.. They were great. hah what where u expecting there, son.

WAIT!!.. They were great. hah what where u expecting there, son.

On to other parts of my life-

pekpek kayo

pekpek kayo

Thomas has resurfaced from the graveyard that is Law school.

Thomas has resurfaced from the graveyard that is Law school.

I pushed my friends into us having regular meetings, because to be honest all we do is complain that we never see each other but we never really do something about it, so for the first time I initiated it and set plans for the rest of the year (we must meet every month, dinners, etc). I did this with all sets of friends because if there is one thing they all have in common, it is laziness.

we shouldn't be allowed in such public places

we shouldn’t be allowed in such public places

Surprise, surprise! I was back in Singapore 2 months later, but now with my best friend Cholo! Now, this was a spur of the moment thing although Chols and I have been planning to travel together since we were in 2nd year college. He’s a very picky guy, he doesn’t like doing hard things (walking, life, etc) so SG was the only way to go. God forbid I took him to Bangkok. He would have probably murdered me 5 minutes into the city.

It was very nice to see my best friend fall in love with a city I see as a second home.

Din Tai Fung's world famous Xiao Long Bao. It is the best. I ate like 10 pieces on our last day.

Din Tai Fung’s world famous Xiao Long Bao. It is the best. I ate like 10 pieces on our last day.

this was in the art museum and I had no idea what was going on but Cholo did and he also wanted a picture looking like this so I guess it's something post modern

this was in the art museum and I had no idea what was going on but Cholo did and he also wanted a picture looking like this so I guess it’s something post modern

We had lunch at this nice beach side resto in Sentosa (somewhere in Siloso). So many half naked guys. It was glorious.

We had lunch at this nice beach side resto in Sentosa (somewhere in Siloso). So many half naked guys. It was glorious.

I know and I don't look pretty but fuck you, I am deathly afraid of sharks and there's one BEHIND me okay so I'm sorry for not smiling

I know I don’t look pretty but fuck you, I am deathly afraid of sharks and there’s one BEHIND me okay so I’m sorry for not smiling

A lot of funny things happened during our trip (I was even able to take a video of one, hopefully I can post it soon so you guys can see?) but the funniest has got to be us stalking this guy Cholo had the hots for in the SEA aquarium. We saw him before entering the Typhoon theatre (tip: don’t do it, waste of so much time) and after the show Chols wanted to follow him but he and his girl companion (not allowed to call her his girlfriend because we’re not clear on that) were going towards the exit and we haven’t even started looking around! Sometime later, when we were about to leave the Ocean Dome, he appeared again and we followed him around. It was getting creepy so I told Chols we should quit it. In our last stop (the fucking shark dome, talk about so many fears combined: enclosed spaces, sharks, deep waters) Chols asked if we could wait for them so I could take a picture for him. That is why my face is like that above, because I had to spend 15 minutes in there. FIFTEEN. I was able to take a picture though. Won’t post it, he might somehow chance upon this blog.

I don't even want to talk about how many tears I cried because of this.

I don’t even want to talk about how many tears I cried because of this.

That’s all from our trip, because as per usual I suck at taking photographs. I like traveling with Cholo, hopefully he agrees to go to places that are far away from here and farther away from his comfort zone.

Also here I noticed that I have a ton of this guy’s face on my phone:

I hate u and ur stupid face u r a goat also I love u??? (pic grabbed from Tumblr!)

I hate u and ur stupid face u r a goat also I love u??? (pic grabbed from Tumblr!)

This is Eden Hazard, one of our attacking midfielders (sometimes he’s a winger) at Chelsea FC. Before he arrived at the club, I’ve never been attracted to anyone in the team (both Chelsea and Barca really) because I don’t really see them that way? I’m usually very angry or very happy at them, never in between. I’m more attracted to players outside of my teams because I don’t have to give a shit about them. But Eden Hazard fucking changed that with his skills and his face (the better he got at Chelsea, the handsomer he got? I’m weird).

Anyway I don’t think ya’ll cared for that. Excuse my blabbing and enjoy the pictures 🙂


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An apology/explanation

I haven’t been here in a while. A few months, to be exact. Last post I made was on January 1, and it’s already the middle of April. It may seem like time flew by fast but believe me, every second that passed lingered, made its presence known.

How many times will I apologise to you guys? I didn’t even know if there was anyone to apologise to, but your messages kept coming and I had nowhere to hide anymore. Time to own up to mistakes I didn’t even know I was making. Mostly, I apologise to myself. How could I have kept myself from writing? This was the only thing I had that kept me sane, that made me feel like I had a place somewhere. This is where I belonged, and I abandoned it to try to fit it into a place where there was no room for me.

This is an explanation that I need to do, because I think it will somehow help me in the process of being okay. If you read my tumblr, you may have come across a few posts regarding my depression. It’s one of the few reasons why I abandoned a lot of things, because how could I pretend to write about great experiences that I am only gathering from someone else’s point of view? I just think “oh this is an amazing get together, everyone must be so happy” when inside I just want to go home, be alone and not communicate with anyone. I forgot how to exist in the outside world, in the “adult” world. Everything was a trigger of sorts; I couldn’t go anywhere without hearing things that gave me panic attacks. I was back to 15-20 year old me, being bullied just because and losing one of the people I loved the most because of suicide. I hated myself, I hated everyone, and I’m pretty sure I lost a few friends – which made me fall into a deeper depression since I kept thinking that being me wasn’t good enough. I was triggering myself, giving myself thoughts of my inadequacy of functioning as a capable human being. It comes out of nowhere- random meetings, conversations with coworkers, reading things online, walking along, trying to be an adult – everything and anything could be a trigger. I wasn’t fit for this world. and talking to a therapist makes me feel so judged. I had nowhere to run. Writing itself became a scary thing, so I wrote in this little notebook that no one would ever read so I won’t be made fun of for thinking the way I do. But I don’t want to be scared of living anymore.

I’m still not okay, but I am fighting hard every day to be. I don’t know what made me snap but I’m glad it did. I can’t live my life huddled in fear because of past judgements. I try very hard and I know it’s going to take a very long time, heck I don’t think I’ll be completely healed because it will always be at the back of my mind, reminding me how dark those times were. I’ll get there. I’ll wake up to that day soon.

I want to say more, but that’s all I can muster for now. I will write again, because with every word I type, I regain bearing.


Thank you all for listening 🙂


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The year that was

I’m going to be honest and straight to it – 2012 was an amazing year for me in terms of experiences and success. Yes, my relationship failed and I got my heart broken, but jesus, that was minuscule compared to the ups that I experienced this year.

Let me recount them for you, okay?

  • In January, I went to Singapore to accompany my crazy cousin, and by a stroke of luck, I got to see the Musee d Orsay exhibit! 
Young Monet!

Young Monet!

Van Gogh motherfucker

Van Gogh motherfucker

  • In February, I got to go back to Singapore to watch Laneway with my friends. I also got to travel with them, which as much as I loved Laneway, I think that was the best part. I can’t wait to do it all again this month, with more friends coming along!
Also, let's not deny we got the best lineup of all lineups now!

Also, let’s not deny we got the best lineup of all lineups now!

  • In March, I got to experience a lot thanks to my OJT. I even got to interview the former Chief Justice, which is a big deal for someone like me. I mean, I was an undergrad striving to do an amazing job at her OJT so it may lead to a good job after graduation!
Kamusta ka na kaya? K ka lang?

Kamusta ka na kaya? K ka lang?

  • April..well I fucking passed my thesis and confirmed my graduation! Done with college, forever! Also, I went back to Hong Kong with my whole family and got to see the new Toy Story Land at Disneyland!
do i look cute what

do i look cute what

  • May..well that was the month I tried to do everything that I missed out on during my hectic thesis days. Also, my team won the UCL! Well, my team also won last last year, but that was my La Liga team. My EPL team, Chelsea FC, won it for the 2011-2012 CL. Now, you all must have realised I was a crazy football lady judging from my Tumblr, but please excuse me, because college practically robbed me 4 years of La Liga, UCL and EPL. I get my news online, but I never get to watch on time, and that’s me getting lucky if they show replays. They usually don’t. Ugh here I go again rambling about football make Ysa shut up I know. (UCL = UEFA Champions League, EPL = English/Barclays Premier League, La Liga = Spanish League)
miss u didier :(

miss u didier 😦

  • June.. I FINALLY GRADUATED! also, the start of Euro 2012(football), which kind of dictated my life for a while. Also, i got a car(!!) and initiated a Magic Mike viewing party. A good month, yes.


yea yea yea

yea yea yea

  • July..well I read a lot because I finally got a Kindle! I apologise for my behaviour towards it before, but I still do buy books, there are just some books that you need to own, but the Kindle did speed up my reading process which helped me get through so many books last year(omg that was literally yesterday)! Also, Spain won the Euros again! I had my heart set on Germany, I did, because I believed that out of all the teams out there, they deserved to win. But seeing their qualifying game against Italy..well. It was reminiscent of FIFA 2010. You could have learned something, boys. I rooted for them until the end, and it was hard for me because I’m a Spain fan (well they did adopt Barcelona’s Tiki-taka style so duh) so I had to stop rooting for Spain. In the end, my original team won, and I couldn’t be happier because fuck you, Mario Balotelli. You don’t deserve anything, asshole.
Viva La Furia Roja!

Viva La Furia Roja!

  • August is my month, bitch. My birthday is on the 1st, and I spent it on a plane on the way to Singapore for the third fucking time. It was an amazing month because I got to travel with my mom and dad without my sisters and see the Harry Potter Exhibition! I also learned how to drive (after 21 years putangina) and I started looking for a job (my parents gave me like a 2 month rest- then job hunting). 
Me and mah boo and mah boo boo ridin

Me and mah boo and mah boo boo ridin

u jeliz

u jeliz

  • September is when I finally got my driver’s license! This was a busy month for me, because this is when I went on job interviews. I didn’t go to a lot, but I felt like I went to the right ones. In the end, I had to choose between 2 jobs, and I do not regret the decision I made at all. I’m a very lucky girl.
  • October is employment month! Can you believe it? A few months ago I was slaving over my thesis, and now I’m a corporate slave! Well, as much of a corporate slave I can be. I do work at a Digital PR agency. As I said, I’m very lucky. I love my job, as much as it drains me, the perks outweigh the craziness!
With my lovely officemates for an Axe event!

With my lovely officemates at an Axe event!

  • November’s probably my favorite month because I got to go to Cambodia! It’s been a long time dream, and to experience it with an amazing set of people just makes it an overwhelming experience. Couldn’t have been more perfect!
such a nice place to be...with friends..

such a ill place to be..wit playas..

I can't even with my face

I can’t even with my face

  • December is of course, the best because my aunt and uncle came home, and I know it’s not the whole family but I can’t complain, I’m just super happy. I haven’t seen them in 2 years and it’s just amazing that they got to come home during the holidays.
Look at mah happy fez

Look at mah happy fez


Now I know I owe all of you an apology. I’m sorry I didn’t get to blog as much. I actually get all of your angry messages asking me why I didn’t blog this or that, and your tweets wishing I would blog more. I wish I could do, but I just wanted to a live a little more without having to think of anything else (meaning: omg I have to blog about this). My absence in Tumblr last 2011 is my presence here, and in 2012, I wrote on tumblr more because I didn’t have to write longer. Just a few sentences saying how I feel and leaving it at that.

I failed in a lot of things this year, but there’s no need to note them all because they did not bring me down as much as they wanted to (meaning yes, they were brought on by humans). 2012 was a damn good year for me, and even though I ended it semi-alone (Let’s go over that soon wink wink), I couldn’t be happier.


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