Oh Siem Reap, for you I weep

~profound~ (also punctuation pls)


I had a lot of apprehensions when it came to Cambodia, but it was only really just about food. I’m a very picky eater, and I can’t eat seafood because I have allergies. I was scared I wouldn’t be able to eat normally. Boy, was I wrong.

We arrived at around 8 pm (our flight got changed, we arrived earlier than we were supposed to) and I guess our hostel got confused because there was no one there to pick us up. We gave them the benefit of the doubt, I mean, maybe they were just running late? After around 20 minutes, we were fucking done. Thank Yeezus their airport has amazing Wifi and we were able to get the number of our hostel. We called them (turns out they forgot? IDK) so we had to wait another 20 minutes for our tuktuk to arrive.

Better than a limousine actually

That was the last bad thing that happened to us, really. It was all smooth sailing from then on. We arrived at the hostel (which is this quaint little place, so cheap, and the food is fucking amazing) and the check in was a breeze. Since we were all too tired to go out to eat, we just ate at the in house restaurant. I swear, the burger I had was amazing. I forgot what Lau had, but Yew ordered a local dish called Lok Lak. We have decided to eat that everyday for the rest of the trip, it was that glorious. Also I now deem Laurene “Lok Lau” because she loved it so much, it was the last thing she ate before going home.

We didn’t have such an early start the next day, but we decided to just go around Siem Reap first before going around the temples. We walked to Pub street, which was supposed to take only 15 minutes, but we stopped by a lot of places so it took us around a half hour.

Hah! A wild Zefron appears!

We stopped by some shops, bought some kits (really, I mean of all the places for Lau and I to get Chelsea kits, had to be Cambodia) looked at counterfeit books, saw pizza shops that sell weed, got offered a fish massage with the promise of no piranha (REALLY?), then voila, Pub st!

A glimpse at our provocative photo series: Masasayang ate in Cambodia.

Like they’re not even trying to hide it anymore jesus

good to know???????

AKA where I want to live 4ever

Since we just had breakfast at the hostel, we just roamed around the area. The place is very tourist-friendly, but not to the point where it gets annoying. Like, you know in New York, in the Times Square area? Or in Italy, at the leaning tower of Pisa grounds, where you need a miracle and a half to get a decent picture because everyone is trying to pretend they’re holding the fucking tower up. None of that here in Siem Reap. It’s just easy going, you feel so at home, but it’s different. I just, I can’t really explain it. There’s so many factors to it, but one of them’s probably the fact that all of my expectations were overturned. I was thinking, maybe I would just enjoy the temples, have some okay food, drink a few beers that taste weird. Well, no. I had some of the best food I ever had in my life, drank the smoothest beer ever, and paid less than $5 for all of it.

We went to the Old Market to buy some souvenirs because we wanted to get rid of that task early on. We made some good deals, and I got a free scarf because the vendor liked my lipstick. Also, if you are a girl traveling to Cambodia, be prepared to get called “Lady” a lot. Yep.

Bakit parang galit na galit ako dun sa Ice Cream? Whatevs man. This was outside the market and Lau got very curious, so we tried it. It was yummy, some sort of coconut with monggo? IDK, I liked it.

We got a bit tired from walking around (we were up to 2 hours at this point) so we decided to hang out at a joint in Pub st. We had some drinks and french fries, lol. The waiter was very funny, he asked Lau where we’re from, so we answered Philippines. Then he replied “oh really? me I’m from my mother”. Hah!

With the funny waiter. Puta nalimutan ko pangalan, tinanong namin yun eh.

We went to the Angkor National Museum next. We wanted to walk there from Pub St. but realised we were sabotaging ourselves, so yeah, tuktuk time!

Say what u want, but damn we fine in this!

Pictures weren’t really allowed (which was very upsetting) but it was okay. A bit pricey though, $12? But I can see where the money’s going to, the place was very organised. You have to follow the plan they laid out for you, which is great because you get to see all the exhibits, and in order!

We went to get a massage that night at Blue7, near Pub st. For $5, we got foot reflexology and back + head rubs. I enjoyed it a lot, we made plans of coming back (we did!!!).

We had dinner at this place called Easy Speaking?? I totally forgot, because all I know is we had some Cambodian BBQ, and that they sell Crocodile, Snake, Kangaroo and Ostrich meat. Hahahaha no.

Lau totally thought we were having dinner at this place called “Cambodian bbq” which is highly recommended throughout the interwebz. Turns out we were eating right NEXT to it. hahahahaha

We had ice cream at Blue Pumpkin afterwards, which was nice. I had Baileys, Lau had Khmer fruits, Yew had pistachio. They were all home made. I suggest you go try them when you get the chance to be there. It’s very famous, you can see it everywhere. There’s also one at the departures area of the airport.

We turned in early because we had to leave the hostel at 4:45 am so we could catch the sunrise at Angkor Wat.

That will be a separate post, since there’s so much to talk about. I’ll just focus on what we did around the city proper on this post.

On a side note, here is Lau and her Lok Lak. Look at how how happy she is. Also, bagay sila kase may alliteration, no? Lau Lok Lak. hehehehe

After getting back from an exhausting trip around the first few temples, we decided to have Mexican food because we saw they had cheap margaritas, and you know, we like to drink.

That is some authentic shit bitch

I never thought I would have some authentic ass Mexican food in Cambodia, of all places. But damn, was that good. Like, I couldn’t even finish my taco plate because it was overflowing with shredded beef and rice. It was also very, very cheap.

That’s the night our other friends arrived, so we didn’t stick around Pub St. for long. When we got to the hostel, Vic, Queenie and Philip’s tuktuk was just pulling up. Can you say meant to be? Lol not really idk.

We didn’t have an early start the next day since we don’t have to catch up to anything anyway. Unlike the day before where we had to catch the sunrise.

That night, we had dinner at Ecstatic Pizza. Lau, Vic and Kwen went to have “cooking lessons” but took pottery instead. They failed to entice the pottery master (??? yun ba tawag dun???) which was sad. Yew, Philip and I decided to just hang back, and meet them at the pizza parlor.

Honestea time: I didn’t know how to get the marijuana on our pizza, and I was getting a bit apprehensive because I don’t really hear people talking about it. THANK GOD THEY HAVE WIFI AND THANK YEEZUS FOR FOURSQUARE!!! We saw a tip on how to order them. Turns out, you order a regular pizza and just say you want extra herbs. JESUS CHRIST. So yeah, here, to make it easier for you guys. Don’t want ya’ll to embarrass yourselves like I did.

“Ecstatic” pizza. Lol, “herbs”.

I really didn’t eat a lot of it because I was having amazing pasta, but the effect wasn’t too much. I guess you need to eat an entire pie on your own to get the desired results you want. It gave us the munchies though, everyone was still super hungry after dinner, and were craving for some weird stuff.

A day before this, we were walking somewhere and then this smell hit us square in the face and we all looked around to find it. We saw a nearly empty street food cart. We vowed to find it in the days to come, and on this night, we did! Everyone was wishing for street food, and Siem Reap granted all of them.


Noodle of the gods

I’m telling ya’ll, Lau’s got some mad skillz. Advertising skillz. She loved the food so much, it showed when she was eating. She enticed a European couple to order, and some tuktuk driver as well. She was very proud of her work. Also that meal cost us a $1. YEA BITCH.

After that, we had the Tomb Raider drink at the Red Piano. It was made by Angelina Jolie, so yeah, we had to try it. That shit is potent. We were all so sleepy after drinking. Pampatulog siguro ni Angie yun (close).

Anyway, after getting back from our last temple day, we decided to take showers first because we smelled so bad, and we were so sticky that we couldn’t stand ourselves. Just an hour before leaving, a blackout happened. When the electricity came back, someone quipped: “what if we were showering and then biglang nawalan ng kuryente no? haha”.

Obviously, it happened. While Laurene was taking a bath, the lights went off. Being good people (meh), Yew and I stood outside the bathroom door and used our cellphones and cameras to give Lau some light. Shit wasn’t funny man. I am incredibly afraid of the dark, but I had to toughen up so I could help a friend who’s in a worse situation. Naks.

We went to Pub st. to have Indian food for dinner, and after that we went to Angkor What? for drinks, because we were making “salubong” Yew’s birthday! (ang conyo shet)

This guy got the party going, let me tell ya

this place was the bomb diggity

The drinks were cheap and lovely, the beer was fucking amazing, and we met some cool travellers who I wish we could have kept in touch with, but we only got a night with them, I can’t really complain. We all danced and sang (also rapped) our hearts out with no care in the world. It was a great night, I can’t ask for better. It was a fitting end to an amazing trip.

On our last day, we had some barbecue at Cambodian BBQ (YEY) which was actually better than the first one we had. We got a massage, hung out at the bridge and Old Market, bought some stuff, and had authentic Italian for dinner.

Saw this at the book center. Hahahaha wat

An amazing end to an amazing trip

I miss Pub st!!!!!! šŸ˜¦

such a nice place to be…with friends..

I really didn’t want to leave. All of us had half a mind to change flights, but we had responsibilities, work, and to change flights is expensive.

It was such a convenient place, and as much as I love Singapore and Hong Kong, Siem Reap is just different – in a better way. I can’t wait to go back and not do touristy things. Maybe just lay back and relax, let the world pass by without having any worries. We never made a bad decision in Siem Reap, and that’s very refreshing for someone who fucks up a lot.

See you soon, lady.

*some pics are grabbed from Lau and Yew. My temple posts will be up soon šŸ™‚



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  1. Bookmarking for future reference! Ang saya! I want pizza!

    P.S. I want Laurene’s shoes! Ganda!

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