How I solved my hair problem

Hi! Been busy lately, so no time to post. Also, I have a job now! (ADULTHOOD)

Anyway, I’m here to talk about a problem I had a few weeks ago that I only solved recently. Talking bout my hair, yo.

One day, I just woke up and after showering, I felt something heavy on the top of my head. I felt around it, and sure enough, it was greasy. Not in a there’s residue way, but in a hairspray way. It felt like I dumped a bottle of hairspray on the top of my head and it just stayed there forever. No amount of shampoo and conditioner helped, and it stayed there for WEEKS. It was just a circle on the top of my head that was affected, the rest of my hair was fine.

I was getting concerned because everyone I asked had no idea what it is and how it happened. I went to salons, and they were baffled my my condition as well. It was so embarrassing, and I felt so bad because my hair was my crowning glory.

I searched the internet (keyword is greasy/sticky scalp) and thankfully, I wasn’t alone. Funny thing was everyone that had it felt like they were the only ones too, because no one was able to help them. Then they all congregated in that site and talked about solutions. One of them was putting baking soda with brown listerine, and the problem with that is it didn’t work for everyone, and some felt like it ruined parts of their hair and scalp. I stayed clear from that. Another one suggested using products that had Tea Tree oil in it. So I went out of my way, buying unknown products, just so I could get rid of this thing on my head. Well, it didn’t work for me. I also resorted to using pure tea tree oil, and that backfired crazy and made my sticky scalp heavier.

I kept perusing the site and looking for options. There was a lot, but some of them were too hard for me to do (products not available here or radical shit). One suggested a shampoo from Shisheido that cost 6000 bucks, Lord Jesus Almighty. Products from Kiehls were used too, but did not work on everyone so, blah.

Just when I was about to lift up my arms in defeat, I saw someone post something about a product from Lush called “Seanik”. It’s a solid shampoo, and she said it got rid of her problem in one wash. After work, I went straight to Greenbelt to purchase it. Thankfully, they had the product. I asked the saleslady to suggest a conditioner for me too, and she said Veganese is good if I want to avoid oily hair. I bought both for about 700 (pricey na yan for me hah) and prayed to all the Gods of Olympus and Rome to help me.

My saviour~~~

So, when I got home, I used it immediately. Needless to say, it was a success. No trace of the stickiness at all!

I guess it being all-natural and organic helped my cause. I saw some of the posts in the site and someone said it had something to do with an ingredient commonly used in shampoos. I don’t know if it’s true but I guess I’ll try to change my shampoo and conditioner habits.

As much as I love Lush (I am not getting paid for this, I swear) I don’t think I can afford to switch to their products. They’re not that expensive, but I have very thick hair that needs a lot of maintenance and products.

Anyway, I wrote this to help out those who have the same problem (or will have) as me. This is so they don’t have to try all those other radical solutions, because seriously, they might cause more damage than they would good.

I’ll be back to regular programming week after next, because next week I will be in Siem Reap with Laurene and friends! Excite~~

Tata for now!

btw, this is the site where I got my info : Med Help


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  1. Love it! I also use Lush shampoo (Happy, Happy) or sometimes L’Occitane shampoo whenever my hair gets sticky from local shampoos Ysa!

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