Stories from the boarding gate 2

Back with more stories~


  • I was in HK last year when UEFA had its Champions League final. It was between Manchester United and FC Barcelona (WOOT WOOT). I had to watch, and I wanted to make it a good experience so I looked for a good pub around SoHo. It was a cold night, so I wore a jacket over my David Villa shirt. GOOD THINKING ON MY PART. Why? Because the pub was full of Mancs (Man U fans). I was the only girl Cule (Barca fans). I sat next to the only 3 other cules and they were all guys, so I felt safe. You have to understand, people take these things seriously. Dirty looks are thrown around, and if someone gets a bit too drunk, they start fights. Obviously, we won, and it was getting rowdy and the Mancs are really mad. They only had one goal (courtesy of Wayne Rooney) and they were shouting all over the place. I left right away, it was around 530 am and I had nowhere to go, so I had breakfast at Flying Pan which was nearby (that’s how I discovered it btw!). I also slept there but hey, an experience! My friend Laurene had a more intense experience in Sydney, I hope she has time to talk about it lol.
  • I was in Melbourne, with an ex boyfriend. We were walking around and we passed by a pub. Again, I was wearing a Barca shirt. Oh god, nothing good ever happens to me when I wear a Barca shirt. It wasn’t even a kit, just a shirt that says “Mes que un club”. A guy (probably a Real Madrid fan) saw me and gave me a nasty look. Of course, I started a shouting match with him. My ex was a bit smaller than the guy so he apologized and told him I’m very protective of my club. Damn right I am. If my ex didn’t stop that shit from blowing up I don’t know what would have happened to me. This is why I can’t return to Madridย  ever.
  • I was in my regular football shop in Mongkok, buying shirts for my friend Myco. Next to me was an elderly couple(British), looking at shirts for their grandson. The grandson asked for a specific one, an Arsenal away shirt. They didn’t know what that meant, and they were about to give up (the attendant couldn’t understand them) so I stepped in and helped them, told them what certain kits are for and such. Also told them maybe their grandson would like some gunner wall accents.ย  They said thank you and looked at accessories. I passed by the English team’s kit for Euro 2012 because Myco asked for it. When I saw the price, it was a bit too much, even after all the discounts I will get (I’m a member of the shop). When I was paying, the elderly couple approached me and said they were very grateful, because they didn’t want to upset their only grandchild. They gave me a plastic bag, and I refused because really, they didn’t have to, it was common courtesy to help. They said they would be offended if I didn’t accept it, so I had no choice. When I got back to the hotel, I opened it and saw that they bought the incredibly expensive England kit for me. I didn’t even want it, it wasn’t suppose to be for me. I kept it and never gave it to anyone. Up to now, it’s still in the same condition they gave it to me. I couldn’t bring myself to use it, ever.


  • Kuya Joey suggested this adventure thingamajig in Bedok wherein you do obstacle courses so you could zipline. I was all “sign me up”. My dad went with us as well. Fucking hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. Kuya and papa always landed amazingly after they zipline, and then here comes Ysa fumbling like an idiot. During the last one, I lost control and landed on my face in a bed of sand. There was sand everywhere. Worst part? Kuya was filming it. Luckily for me, the footage was lost. NO I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT I SWEAR!! I really have no idea what happened, I’m immune to ridicule really.
  • Kuya Joey, again. He has this thing (Bluetooth ear stuff where you could talk endlessly without holding your phone) and he uses it all the time. Oneย  time, we were walking inside a mall when he started telling a story, I was engrossed and even reacted to some of them, laughing out loud and such. Turns out he was talking on his phone. I don’t think he noticed my embarrassing moment so I just stopped talking forever.
  • I was walking towards the Taj Mahal, so excited, crying inside, ladida. I felt something dripping from my nose, and I just let it pass since it was 48 degrees Celsius and I was sweating like a pig. Turns out my nose was bleeding. Yup, of all the moments in my life it had to pick, it had to be when I was walking towards the god damn TAJ MAHAL.
  • I talked about this before, but not in detail. I was in a hostel in Singapore with my cousin Trisha, and we were talking about her issues. When we were done, I told her it was “cool, nigga”. Yep, a black guy was there and he shushed me. My heart dropped to my stomach, you have no idea. I love everyone, I do. I am a black woman inside. You know the first thing I said? “I’M SORRY, I LOVE KANYE WEST!!” Yeah as if that was going to help me in any way at all. Turns out he was just kidding and he even called me a sistah. The things that happen to me, REALLY.
  • This recently happened. My cousins and I were on the Skyride in Sentosa, and it just stopped raining. When we were about to get off, we were told to hurry so I did. Yep, I slipped and fell and got stuck under the skyride. I had no idea what to do, so I shimmied my butt out of there. My cousins were waiting for me to be okay so they could laugh, but to be honest I am so used to being embarrassed that I really don’t care anymore. I don’t know any of those people, and everyone in my family knows I’m a klutz. What bothers me is if anything happens and it stops me from being able to go around the next few days. I’m very lucky, nothing ever happens that bad.
  • Everything that happened to me and Lau while trying to take a picture of the Petronas towers in KL was embarrassing.


  • We were in a province in India near the border of Pakistan when it was announced by Obama that Osama Bin Laden has been killed in action. I saw their reaction, and it was a mix of happiness and fear. Happiness because the border of Pakistan near India is where Osama has been hiding. It was a couple of hours due north. Anything could happen to them, and that was what they feared: retaliation. The bus driver didn’t have time to celebrate, he asked all of his passengers (that includes me, I left my grandma in Jaipur this time) to go back to the bus, and we have to go far away from that place. I didn’t know what to think, really. I was plain dumbfounded.
  • I was walking around Bangkok at night, looking for food. Everything near our hotel was closed, so I went back. While walking, this guy passed by me and smiled. I looked at the ground and walked faster. Suddenly he was back, and he took my arms and started telling me to come with him. I was so scared so I pushed him back and ran to the nearest 711, which was across my hotel. Imagine, I was like 5 paces from the entrance and I still got assaulted. I spent around 5 minutes in 711, trying to catch my breath. When I went out, he was there but a bit farther. I ran like the wind and locked myself in our room. Still gives me chills to this day.
  • This guy in Macau thought I was a prostitute. That was dangerous.


  • My trip to Singapore in 2010 was filled with stupidity. I was alone and I wasted a lot of time doing random things. WHO GOES TO UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ALONE!
  • Lau and I had a late dinner, and due to my smoking habits, I insisted we smoke before we go home. That few minutes we stalled could have saved us from being stranded in Clarke Quay (train closed on us) and Lau needing to pee. We walked back to Chinatown and Lau ran like the wind to the restroom. It was all my fault, really. I don’t regret that tho. It became a good story to tell.


  • I was 9 when we went to Damascus, Syria. My aunt took us to a jewelry shop, and this 13 year old guy was there helping his uncle run the business. Before we left, he gave me a jade ring and told me he would marry me when we grow up. Obviously I never went back there.

These are some of the things I can remember, and I promise you guys I would write more if I can recall some other ridiculous thing that happened to me abroad.

Tata for now!



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  1. The Kanye story is so funny! And fine, I’m willing to share my Missed Connections~ from Sydney last year. There:

  2. noof

    hi! may i please know where in mongkok is the shop where you buy football stuff?thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚

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