How to survive Hong Kong (or any place, really) while traveling with 12 people

You’re reading my blog, so I assume you have a difficult time with people as well. I mean, only my friends read this so if you are my friend, one of the reasons is that people piss us off.

I went to HK a few weeks ago with 12 people. They’re all family. Yeah, you can cringe. I mean, I have no problem traveling with my parents and my sisters, because they actually listen to me and are very easy to travel with. It’s the added bonus of 2 elderly people with a bunch of kids and 3 other cousins. I have no problem with my cousins since they are old enough to do what they want, and they just ask me for directions most of the time. It’s the fact they’re all together really. We’re the token family traveling together that everyone wants to get away from. Even I wanted to get away. Here are some tips that you need to survive, like I barely did.

  • For  the love of God, acquire immigration cards beforehand. Fill them up at home. This is before leaving the country, because the other ones you have the comfort of doing inside the plane, but the first one is always the worst. Traveling alone doesn’t make this a hard thing, but with 12 people? HAH. Hell. 4 kids, a cousin who acts like he is illiterate, parents who have enough to do and 2 elderly people? YES. Welcome to my life.
  • Plan every step of the way. If you have plans of being alone, you have to have plans of getting to that point. You have to ask them what they want to do (we’re not part of any travel tour so yeah) so you can accommodate them and help them around. On the day we arrived, they wanted to go to the Peak, and we were staying in Kowloon. I made them take the train going there, and even though I advised them to take the train going back (bc taxis don’t really like going to the different islands, tolls and shit) they still took a cab. It took them forever to get one that agreed to take them to Tsim Sha Tsui and they paid a hefty price. I accompanied them to Central, but only up to there. I’ve been to the Peak many times, so I planned a night at Lan Kwai Fong and Soho. See? Accommodate.
  • Patience. That’s all I can tell you. I’m not alone in this, maybe my 2 other cousins were being patient like crazy too. It’s really hard to travel with so many people. Commuting via trains is not an option for them. Walking a lot is not an option too. Buses? Forget it. Family trips are already expensive to begin with, but the going around is the one that puts the huge dent on everyone’s pockets. That’s why you, being a smart adult, should find a way to help your parents save money.

I’m very lucky because I’ve been to Hong Kong many times (not bragging here, it did help) so I didn’t have to go with them to token places like Ocean Park. They spent a day there, so that means I had a day all to myself. We only went to HK this year because my mom wanted to stay at Disneyland hotel for a day so my sisters (who are very young) could experience it. My niece and my other cousins have never been to Hong Kong too, that’s why they had to go through all the token places again. I felt bad for my mom and dad, no doubt they wanted to do different things and they had some stuff that needed attending, but they had to let it go for the benefit of everyone else. I, on the other hand, am not an amazing human being like they are (on the contrary I am the worst) so I couldn’t sacrifice like they did.

I will post a separate “what I did in HK on my own” in a while. Sorry this took so long, I have so many things to do now that I am a graduate (di pa nga ako nagmamartsa ampota) and one of them is finding a job. I can’t stand having to live off my family anymore.




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2 responses to “How to survive Hong Kong (or any place, really) while traveling with 12 people

  1. Aldrin

    That opening paragraph is golden.

  2. I don’t like travelling with a lot of people. It leaves you accountable for their stupidity.

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