Most Valuable Person

I’ve been wanting to write this post since Feb 12, but I couldn’t because the UAAP Women’s Volleyball season was not over yet, and I had to be very careful about the things I say.

Last Feb 12 was the last day of eliminations, and the last game was my school (DLSU) against Ateneo. I wasn’t able to watch because I was in Singapore attending Laneway, so I had to catch up using Twitter and BBM. When I found out we won, I went to check the scores by searching DLSU-ADMU on Twitter.

The things I saw were brutal. No one wanted us to win. I couldn’t care less about that (it’s part of the game, man) but what I saw written about my friend really got my blood boiling.

Here are some of what I remember:

Tignan mo to si Marano, pagkatapos magtrash talk, magkukrus. Ano yun, bumabawi?

Ang yabang na ni Marano at Gumabao, punong-puno ng basura ang bibig

Buti pa to si Gumabao, kahit masama ugali maganda. Eh ito si Marano, pangit na nga ugali pangit pa mukha

Oh really now? How did you know she was trash talking? You couldn’t even hear what they were saying! They couldn’t even hear themselves during games, that’s why they have to shout, making it seem like they’re saying something bad.

You want to know what Aby screams in front of the other teams? She screams their plays, telling her teammates who to watch out for. That’s her version of trash talking.

Look, I don’t really care if you say bad things about their game (how they played, if they screwed up, etc) but if you start talking about my friends on a PERSONAL level like you know them, well, I get catty. This one person even tweeted Aby and said she was a former fan, but because of what she and Michele did to Valdez, she doesn’t like them anymore. That’s cool, whatever. But then she follows it up by talking about Aby’s personal life (Her relationship with Jikko) and saying that she’s been running after Jikko all this time.

First of all, how dare you. How dare you go there, when it’s not even part of the game anymore. That is a topic millions of miles away from the volleyball court. If you want to hate, hate on the game. Second, how does that even connect to her and Michele blocking Valdez?? PLEASE EXPLAIN THANKS.

I’ve known Aby for a really long time, and we’re like sisters. I know who she is as a person, not even knowing that she’s a big shot volleyball player (I just found out this one time when she came to class wearing a volleyball jersey, oops).

I have nothing against Ateneo, let me assure you. I know for a fact that these two teams are actually close friends. They’ve known each other way back, before they even entered UAAP. If these players, who dish out high flying spikes against each other, can forget and laugh about what happened inside the court at the end of the day, why can’t you?

Don’t forget that what you see inside the court is not exactly how it actually is outside. Kaya nga sila nagmimind set before the game di ba? Iba kase sa loob, at mas lalong iba sa labas. Kaya kung anong nakikita mo dun sa court, hanggang dun lang yun. Wag kang mag assume na kilala mo na sila, pwede.

Kay gagandang dilag! May angking ganda talaga!

Also, for those saying that she doesn’t deserve to be the MVP: Cool! We have our own favorites.

Pero sa dulo ng lahat, Most Valuable Person si Aby Marano para sa akin. Most Valuable Prend, pwede na rin. May angal pa ba?

Kung wala, good. Shut up ka na lang.



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7 responses to “Most Valuable Person

  1. Sabi ko nga parati sa mga comment ko sa discussion sa social networking, emotions runs during the game, part yung mga trash talk…(I always love Mich Datuin trash Daquis before, she always comes up to my mind). The most important thing is after the game, bati bati ulit.

  2. TJ

    Noiiiiiceeeee one ate Ysa!!!!!!!!!!! Go Aby!!!

  3. di kasi maintindihan ng iba na kasama yun sa game lalo n pag intense n yung laban.. makitid kasi mga utak… nice write up ms Ysa…

  4. Cecille L.Cubol

    tama!basta kahit ano pa sabihin nila MVP pa rin si Abeng..go girl…

  5. drownintoabyss

    Reblogged this on unmyeongkisu and commented:

  6. Lek Morales

    Hell yes!! You’re right, ate. Grabe, ayaw na ayaw kong sinasabihan ng hate comments mga Lady Spikers dahil sa mga Ateneo (or other) fans na yan. Hindi porket fans sila ng Ateneo or other unversities na nagpaparticipate sa uaap, e may karapatan silang pagsbhan ng ganyan mga Lady Spikers. First of all, walang connection pagiging fan nila sa iba sa mga Lady Spikers. Eh ako nga fan ako ng Lady Spikers pero I don’t say negas about other university players e. 🙂 kung ano kse nakita nila sa isang tao once, akala nila ganun na tlga yung tao. Hayy.

  7. graciaclave

    Tama!! sobra na yang mga haters na yan. lagi na lang bitter!. Sabi nga nila, ang ampalaya daw GINUGULAY, hindi INUUGALI!
    Reblogged this on Tumblr 😀

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