Obligatory Laneway post

What can I say that has not been said by the others? Nothing, really.

Laneway was the actualization of my dream to bring my friends to Singapore. Since I met them tumblr folks, I realized that hey, they would totally love SG. Whenever I’m there I keep on thinking “Hey, Chui would enjoy this” or “Shinji would flip if he saw that”. One time, Penny and I were walking along Clarke Quay and we saw a group of people drinking along the bridge. We both exclaimed ” When will the hipsters of Cubao X invade SG”?

That day, of course, was February 12, 2012. Laneway Festival, thank heavens, decided to drop by Singapore again, this time bringing 14 acts.

The road to Laneway was a bumpy one, since it took us a long time to decide if we’re going. We wanted to, of course, but what kept us from booking was the announcement of the line-up. The Australian line-up came out on time, and the Singapore one was suppose to come out at the same time, but they set the date back for unknown reasons. We had to wait again, and it was good timing too since Cebu Pacific had a seat sale a few days after. When we saw the line-up, everyone went crazy: everyone we wanted was there. Unfortunately tho, a few months later, Wu Lyf was dropped and replaced by Chairlift. It was alright tho, since Chairlift had an amazing set.

Another setback we thought would ruin us for sure: the tickets. Sistic had an early bird special for Visa card holders, so I was ecstatic. Then, a day before I was set to buy, I checked out the fine print and the promo had a glitch: you have to buy four tickets or more. You can’t buy individual tickets (or so I thought, bc Helga was able to buy one, but I couldn’t???). So, again, I had to wait. On the day public sales open, I was in class, but that didn’t stop me. I was purchasing my ticket while listening to our Cebuano lecture. *watch out we got a badass over here*

When everything was settled (everyone knew where to stay, everyone had plane tickets, laneway tickets) we were just counting the days. Some of us even set an alarm on our phones (excited ang mga ateh). It was funny because most of my friends have the same flight, then when it was time for me to fly out, there was NO ONE in my flight that I knew. I was totally alone. Thank heavens I’m used to being alone.

Almost all the pictures I will post here are not taken by me (because I am a lazy bitch) but by my friends’  Zean, Helga, and Penny.


Being very lazy people, we met up at City Hall at 11 (nope not really) but we became complete at around 1 pm. We lounged around some more because again, we are lazy so we got to Coleman st (where the Dr. Martens free shuttle to Laneway picks people up) at around quarter to 2.


We got free pictures from Dr. Martens, btw. Just had to put that out there.

We missed the Cults because the line to get inside was fucking long. Like, fucking long man. LONG. I cannot even, fuck. It moved fast tho so okay.

We didn’t care that we missed them, because we don’t care for them as much as the next act:


Seeing Yuck perform live was one of the best moments of my life, my goodness graciousness. You had to be there, man. You know what, scratch that. Being in Laneway was one of the best days of my life. If not the best. I mean, I’m going to graduate soon but I can tell you that I would probably hate that day because that is the day I sign a deal with the devil and start living a life full of disappointments (READ: Trying to find a job while my love life ceases to exist).

After Yuck, we realized we were very thirsty so we lined up for some drink stubs which cost a lot ( $4 for a bottle of water??? $8 for a cup of beer????? FUCK). Chairlift was playing, and they were amazing as well. My gahd ah.

Tanginang pila yan (Thanks Helga!)

I think Austra played next, which at we first we gave no fuck about, but then we paid them a bit of attention and now we are big fans. They are amazing, my goodness. Their set was kind of an experience, which made us emulate them the whole time.

Girls played next (not even going to say how emotional that set was, I cannot). I’m just going to say sup, Christopher Owens. I hate flowers but I wanted the ones they were giving away. After them, the Drums! Omg, I cannot. We were dancing like no ones watching and loved every minute of it. We even got interviewed by MTV SG because Shinji danced his usual Cubao X hipster dance.

Since it was Anna Calvi and Twin Shadow next, we decided to have dinner bc fuck Anna Calvi, who the hell invited her anyway. We went to Plaza Singapura and had KFC (cheese fries fuck your face) and got back in time to hear Laura Marling perform Ghosts!!

Pains of Being Pure at Heart started out with a few technical difficulties but it didn’t matter in the end because the rest of their set was amazing. Peggy Wang, how you livin gurl???

Up next was Toro Y Moi, and oh my lawdy lawd, I wanted to take my clothes off and present myself to Chaz. I don’t even care, man. That good!!! I regret the fact that I wasn’t able to catch him here in Manila bc seriously, hello. Epal lang bc Feist’s people were doing sound check LOUDLY while Chaz was still playing. Come on, the other bands were able to do it without causing a scene and interrupting the band that’s playing, why couldn’t you?

I left after Toro Y Moi because I am a sad old lady who couldn’t stay up late anymore (so true, you guys) and I didn’t want to take a cab because you know what, I actually have no idea how to get to my kuya’s place by cab (I FOUND OUT HOW THE VERY NEXT DAY, GOD MY LIFE) and the entrance to the condo is only open till 1 so I was fucked bc M83’s set ends at 1.

I don’t think I would have enjoyed the festival as much if I was alone, because even though I like and actually love being alone, Laneway is something you share with people who love the music as much as you do. I am very lucky to have found friends who like the same artists as I do and that they were willing to drop everything they were doing to be there.

Free tan courtesy of Laneway (thanks Helga~)

I remember the MTV VJ asking what we were doing there, and Shinji screamed “Friendship!” and it wasn’t for irony at all, because we were really there for that, more than the music itself. Shinji kept repeating as well before we entered “Wala na akong pake kung malayo tayo sa stage, basta magkakasama tayo okay na”. Kind of the whole point of going there, really.


Laneway 2013, we are so ready.

(Also there will be a different post for our shenanigans bc Laneway deserves its own)


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