Singapore with a crazy person

Last January 13-15, I accompanied my cousin Trisha to Singapore because she was watching Foster the People live at Fort Canning park. Needless to say, it was all kinds of crazy. I kept saying it’s like Bangkok, but in Singapore! (We went to Bangkok 2 years ago and we kind of tore shit up)

This was Trisha’s first time in Singapore, and to be honest I kind of felt bad that it was only going to last for 3 days. Knowing her, she wouldn’t be able to handle saying goodbye.

First of all, don’t be fooled by having an early flight out in NAIA 1. Dude, I hate our airport. I just, JESUS!!!!

4 am, really? REALLY?????

That space you see there is the only space in the airport. If you look everywhere else, you can only see people’s heads. The lines were unbelievable. Immigration was hellish as always. Our flight was at 6:30, we got inside the waiting area at around quarter to 6.  We barely had time to grab a few bites or smoke. We had to be at the boarding gate at 6, but when I looked up the flight schedule at around 6, Jetstar was doing their last call already. I was so annoyed because you do last call 5 minutes before you close the gates. I don’t understand you, Jetstar. I do not.

We arrived in Singapore at around 10 am, then we headed straight to our hostel. We stayed at Beary Good (where Lau and I stayed. Can’t you tell how much I love it there?). We had lunch at Mcdonalds where I had my favorite drink, Milo! After that we headed straight to Plaza Singapura to claim our tickets for Foster and Laneway. When we got there, bitchy mcbitchington (aka lady from Sistic) said their printer’s down so maybe we could just come back never(she said in a few hours but I could tell she never wanted us to come back). I asked Trish if she wanted to check out the Musee d’Orsay exhibit at the National museum, and then we walked.

Watch out we got a badass over here

We basically spent almost an hour contemplating our choices in life and that we will never amount to anything, we will become poor, we are talentless, etc. I also spent that amount of time freaking out because hello, I was in a room filled with masterpieces I never knew I would see in person. I guess I was just plain grateful.

DEGAS??????????? IS THAT U???

You have to know this: The whole time we were there we looked for the Doctor and Amy.. Okay!!! We looked for Vincent too.


After that embarrassing feat, we took a bus to 313@Somerset because I know for a fact that the Sistic lady there will not turn us away.  What do you know, I was right (always am LOL). We had a few problems because some of the tickets were bought under different credit cards so we had to wait for the management’s go signal to let us have the tickets even tho we are not the credit card owners. The Sistic lady was very nice and asked for my number, said she would call immediately when she gets the signal. We weren’t even gone for 10 minutes and the pretty lady called and said we could claim the tickets. I wanted to go over the counter and hug her, tbh.

Coolie McCool

We went around Orchard for a few minutes and then decided that hey, ice cream. After being fat, we decided to go back to the hostel and arrange our stuff, rest and then go to dinner.

Of course we were very lazy, what do you expect. It took us 2 hours to move our asses. We left the hotel at around 6 (we were supposed to watch a movie but heh, no) and walked our way to Duxton Hill. Yes, we walked from Chinatown to D.Hill. It took us only around 10 minutes (thanks, google maps!) and found one of my go-to places in my food trip post, Group Therapy.

YAMMEEHHHH (also look at my fancy eyebrows)

The waitress lady was very pretty and she had cool tattoos! The food was amazing, Trisha ate a lot because she’s a Reyes and we had an amazing time there because the place was really homey and they serve brunch the whole day.

What you did there: We saw it.

We then went to Raffles to buy adapters for our chargers. We ended our day at 9 pm because we are old ladies. This was also the night wherein I said the word nigger in the presence of a black guy. I thought he was mad, so I apologized profusely. I thought my life as a black woman was done, but then he called me sistah so I guess I am now officially indited to the black community. HEYYYY!

We started our 2nd day early because I wanted to cross off another place on my Food Trip list, Dempsey Hill. We got lost on the way because we took the bus and I failed to notice that we had to get off at another stop to get on another bus. My fault, oops. We got there though, and the whole ordeal was worth it.


We spent 40 SGD on brunch at Jones the Grocer (20 each) but we know it’s because we ordered a ton of side dishes so it’s all good. After that, we went to Orchard and shopped for our friends and family (actually mga utos lang mostly).

DO YOU SEE THAT HUGE ASS MILO?? Oh yeah those cheese fries too

After Orchard, we went back to Chinatown to rest then headed straight to Sentosa so Trish could try the Luge. It was awesome as always. We took the dragon trail and then at one point there was a huge ass lizard in the middle of the trail. We actually thought it was a komodo dragon because hello, we were in the dragon trail and this is Asia, motherfucker.

We had dinner at KFC then headed straight to Fort Canning. When I saw the stairs leading up to the park, I kissed Trisha good bye because hell to the fucking no. Thank heavens Dr. Martens sponsored a shuttle for Laneway because 7 steep flights of stairs going up is not the best thing for a fatty like me.

I headed straight to Makansutra Gluttons bay to see my little cousin Gabby and his mom, Ate Julie. They treated me to dinner and we walked around Esplanade and Fullerton afterwards.

Look at what we saw over the Fullerton! So sweet lah!

I was sitting near the Merlion, directly in front of Marina Bay Sands when a light show suddenly started. I had no idea they do that every night at 9 pm so I was pleasantly surprised.

I got back to our hostel at 10, Trisha came around at 11. She was as wet as a seal, I swear. It was nice to see that she enjoyed it though, because we went through a lot for her to be there.

On our last day, we went to the Mint toy museum. Trisha went crazy. We didn’t take pictures much, but she went gaga over there.

Oh god, the jokes are a-comin

Whorin with Tintin and Snowy

We spent a long time there, geeking out. I’ve been to this museum around 3 times now but it just never gets old.

Someone's depressed

Our flight’s at 4:20, so we had to be at the airport at around 2:30. We had lunch at my favorite restaurant in Chinatown before packing up.

Look at her face

I have so much love for this place. The fried rice alone makes me want to hug everyone in the world. You all know I hate people.

Before leaving tho, we had to go to the Tintin shop.

How's your thirst for adventure?

I had to drag Trisha out of the hostel. She literally sat away from me when I was getting our luggage. She really didn’t want to go home, but what were we supposed to do? We barely had any money left to extend our stay, and I had school. I also miss my friends and family already (clingyyyyyyyy) because they’ve been communicating with me constantly throughout the entire trip.

I think I would have been devastated to leave that fast as well if I wasn’t going back for Laneway (which is in a week now!! omg!!).

Speaking of Laneway, I’ll be back in Singapore in a week’s time! I’m staying at Kuya’s place, and the best thing is almost everyone’s coming! I can’t wait to invade Singapore with my friends (which has been long overdue, by the way).

See you in a week, lah.


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