Gurl u crazy


Bitch be trippin like crazy.

Okay, here’s the thing: Girls who think like this are fucked up. I mean, WHY CAN’T A GIRL JUST SAY THOSE THINGS INSTEAD OF SAYING THE OPPOSITE? STOP WASTING THE TIME OF YOUR BOYFRIENDS!!! I MEAN SERIOUSLY?? SERIOUSLY???????????????????

Let me break it down for you why this angers me like you won’t believe: Almost every guy I dated thought there was something wrong with me because they couldn’t understand what I’m saying. Thing is, they over analyze the things I say thinking that I mean the opposite or I was trying to say something else. They kept expecting me to act like every girl out there and I’m just like “dude am I not allowed to be different? is every girl out there like that??”. They then say it’s very hard to get used to and I’m just here like “what is so hard to understand, I’m fucking straightforward!!!!”.

I don’t understand why it’s so hard to just say how you really feel. When were we taught to complicate things? Sorry hah, baka absent kase ako nun.

People like her make it hard for people like me to find a decent guy, because they all think that this is how we’re going to act. Gaga, eh i-broadcast ba naman sa Facebook! At may mga tanga pang pa like-like at nagsasabi ng “so true”.

Wala tayong mararating nito eh. Wala talaga.



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2 responses to “Gurl u crazy

  1. bea

    oh god this, all of this, is true

  2. Hahaha. Holy mother of God, finally! You said it. Pakipot pa e.

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