I survived a year, so I thank you.

I just woke up, it’s 5 pm here in Manila on the first day of 2012. I really am not a very festive person (I slept through Christmas, would you believe?) and I have no idea how to be one. It’s been a hell of a year (as it always will be) and I have never really thanked people for their contributions to making mine bearable.

So, let’s start?

Awards night ng tumblr yan, chos

We’re not complete (Aldrin, Jansen, magpakita? Thanks) but I know the people who aren’t there know how much they mean to me as well. We may not have gone out as much as we did the year before, but you were all there for me in any way you guys could. I may hate the internet now, but I still owe it my friendship with you guys. I found travel buddies, a great guy (HI SHINJI CHOS) and friends that will never judge me, no matter how low I go. I love you guys 5ever.

10th circle of hell

Do I even need to thank you? Well yes, because last year (omg that was just yesterday, wasn’t it?) was a tough one. We had very different schedules. Ayu changed schools, Mac graduated, Lui locked herself up in work, Jen hibernated somewhere and Cholo & I had conflicting schedules. Amazingly, we still found an hour every week to terrorize the Coffee Bean in UM. I thought maybe that was a test, to see if we can survive this friendship after everything. Obviously, even Satan can’t keep us apart

Pamilya Echos Kaibigan - PEKS

Last term was the worst. I mean, seriously I can’t even begin to describe the hell it created in my life. These people tho, did an unbelievable thing. Because of them, I still get excited to go to school. I await the next majors class because all of us would be there. No matter how hard the term I got, they kept me going. We kept each other going. When my heart was breaking, they did me a huge favor and didn’t make a big deal out of it. I owe them my sanity.

Broham 4 lyfe (ang panget ko siyet)

I wasn’t supposed to thank Renz because he’s a big part of the post before this, but when I opened my dashboard today, I saw he’s part of my top searches. What the people were searching for wasn’t a nice thing, and I’m sorry, but I can’t deal with that. If you’re looking for something bad about him here in my blog, well too bad honey, because there’s absolutely nothing bad I can say about him. This term was crazy for both of us (THESSIISSS) and I’d like to think he kept me sane and I kept him working. He’s one of the genuinely nicest people out there, and I’m very luck to have him in my life (chos broham, ano daw?).  Basta, alam mo na yon bro!


This is a thank you and an apology. I thank you Carlo for being very cool about me liking you a lot, and not being an ass about it (unlike other guys, you know?). What happened with me and Carlo is, during our batch’s out of town trip, I was asked if there’s any guy in the class I find doable. I told them it was Carlo, because honestly I’ve had a crush on him since Feb of last year (hah there I go again!) and if I didn’t say it then, I would have lost an opportunity. Carlo, instead of being very awkward about it, was very nice and he didn’t change his attitude towards me. He even condones it when I harass him (read: MINAMANYAK KO YAN NG TODO, CHOS!). Sorry for being a pervert!!! And thanks again, it would be lovely to have you as a friend for the rest of my life (LANDI).

Naglabasan kame ng sama ng loob

My PHM batchmates!! You guys have been my constant companion throughout last year, and sadly, I won’t be with you anymore this year. But that’s just in classes! I mean, we still have to see each other! I’m very lucky because not a lot of blocks have the closeness that we developed over the past year. There’s actual solidarity and even though it’s not a perfect relationship (because of what, 3 people) we still try to make it work. I love each and every one of you to bits (except you Jemai, I apologize but no) and I wish nothing but for us to not lose the bond we worked hard to solidify.

Tangina niyo di na naman kumpleto

Filipino to kase magagalit kayo sa akin pag English ginamit ko. Mga lecheng to, pitong taon na tayong magkakasama, di pa rin tayo makumpleto? Palaging may bwisit na talkshit at nagiinarte? Kala mo kung sino eh! Pero kahit ganyan kayo, mahal ko pa rin kayong mga leche kayo. Nakita niyo ako sa lahat ng parte ng buhay ko na punong puno ng kahihiyan pero kahit papano nirerespeto niyo pa rin ako. Tangina, pwede next time walang absent? Nakakapagod magyaya ng inuman hah, gagawin niyo lang naman ay pupunta at lalamon. Tangina kayo.

Ang dami namin

Do I even have to say how much I love them? Since we’re not really keen on feelings and stuff, I just want to say thanks and that’s it.


Keeping a blog is very hard for me because I have the shortest attention span ever. I never really intended to commit to this, but you guys kept reading and asking for more. I have you to thank the most because you actually take a few minutes of your precious time to read about my crappy life.

I’m sorry I’m such a crappy writer, but I promise to keep my life interesting enough for you to want to read about it.

Hope you had a good start of the year!



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5 responses to “I survived a year, so I thank you.

  1. Cheers to the New Year! Slept all day too and I missed the first snow of the year!! >.< Happy New Year! 🙂

  2. Tae, sinwipe ko talaga yung “slide to unlock” echos. Haha.

    Happy new year, ganda! Thanks, and here’s to another good year (filled with hilarious photos with even more hilarious captions)! 😀

  3. Hi, teh. I still love you (as a friend) kahit meron ka nang poging volleyball player. LOLOLOL. Hoy yung ticket natin sa Lameway wag mo kalimutan. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

  4. Love you po!

    Locked myself up in work? Joke lang, nag sexy time lang ako. Miss you! Update me on 2012 dinners okay? Will still be here. BTW let’s Skype. I have all the time in the world NOW.

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