15 trips

I was asked by my cousin Trisha a hypothetical question:

If you could only go on 15 trips your whole life, where would you go and why?

It was for work (she’s a graphic artist for a travel agency, I think) but it kind of bothered me because come on, 15 trips? ONLY? MY WHOLE LIFE? I mean seriously, 15? I already went 5 times this year, and that doesn’t even include my KL adventure.

I couldn’t choose wisely with the time that I had to answer, so I think I kind of screwed it up. I made good choices, but my reasons were a bit blah. I couldn’t leave it at that.

So, here they are. The places I chose out of impulse but with better reasons (lol).

  • Singapore – I’ve been here many times, but my stomach still does this weird somersault whenever the plane touches down in Changi airport. The magic never goes away.  I also have a life here. Whenever I come back, I just pick up from where I left off. It’s my second home.
  • Tokyo – There’s something about Tokyo that just does it for me. I like how I have to work hard to keep up with everyone, that I have to learn their language so I could go around without making a fool of myself. I like challenges, and Tokyo is the biggest one of all.
  • Orlando, Florida – 14 years of my life, my heart, and my imagination. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is not an amusement park, it’s an alternate reality. One I prefer, by the way.
  • London – The weather here suits my personality. Also: come on, it’s London. The rich history alone beckons me to discover its hidden world.
  • Barcelona – Ah, Barrrrkeloonaaa. Nowhere in the world quite like you. My football heroes hail from this fair city. The atmosphere here is just so laid back. So different from the rest of Spain, actually. You just never want to leave. You might get the impulse to buy a small boat, dock it outside the city and spend the rest of your life sitting by it while drinking in the beauty of the sea paralleled by Barcelona’s charm.
  • Peru – This is uncharted territory for me. Maybe that’s why I can’t get it out of my head. I just have to go there, you know? It’s when you just have to, no need for reasons.  OH-

Hello there, Machu Picchu.

  •  Brazil – Oh god, Rio’s been haunting my dreams for years. If there was anywhere in the world I think I should have been born in instead, it has to be Brazil. Not Europe man, Brazil. Not the States, Brazil. I just want to pack my stuff, buy a plane ticket to Rio and never come back. Maybe I’ll become the girl from Ipanema, who knows. I’m tethered to this place. It’s been pulling me ever since.
  • New York – I hated New York before, because as you all know, I hate people and hostility. I just felt as if everything about the place has been told in great exaggeration. After all this time, I guess the exaggeration comes from the fact that you can never really describe New York. I can’t just base my judgement off Manhattan, I have to go through all the five boroughs.
  • Greece – Oh man, who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t want to go back to where everything started? Who wouldn’t want to breathe the same air, eat the same food, walk the same road as the people who invented how we thought of everything did? Yes, the Germans/Italians/French/Arabians perfected most of the things they created, but there wouldn’t be anything to perfect if it wasn’t for the Greeks. I feel like we all owe it to them to pay a visit, especially now when their economy is crumbling to pieces.
  • Italy – I want to eat real Italian food, man. Not Italianni’s or whatever. Real Italian food, with so many courses, taking 2 hours to eat because you have to enjoy it. I guess I need to go there to learn how to just stop whatever I’m doing and relax, and not think about the consequences of doing nothing.
  • Paris – I still stick by what I said before: I want to go here to wait for midnight to strike. If that movie never happened, let’s be honest: VISIT ALL THE MUSEUMS! See everything! Eat everything! Do not shop because bitch, that is not a cultural thing. Okay, well, maybe go to Chanel.
  • Argentina – You know that place wherein you just have to live in for 6 months and then call it the best 6 months of your life? That’s Argentina for me, man. No itinerary to follow, just empty one of your bank accounts, find a decent place to stay in, and live.
  • Australia – There are people I need to see, and most of them live here. Also: they have the weirdest weather. 1 minute it’s sunny, next WTH WAS THAT THUNDER. Nicest people on earth, too.
  • Belgium – Does anyone ever want  to go to Belgium? IDK, but I’ve always loved Bruges. Oh, Brussels too! It’s that place that you wish you can just walk to your destination all the time. So much to see!
  • Austria – When I was a kid, I thought that if we went to Austria, we would become amazing piano players. I was wrong of course. I suck at playing the piano. Vienna though, she enchants. Enough to make me want to choose it over other amazing places. There’s just a vibe that even though a pack of cigarettes cost more than a meal, you still want to buy 1. Vienna for you, man.

I feel bad, because there are so many places I still haven’t been to that I didn’t include in this list. I mean, if I had gone to those places before, would I choose them? IDK. 15 is just not enough. I know I’ll get flack for not putting India here, and I’m sorry. I’ve been there and to be honest, I hate myself for only staying for a week. India is a 3 month thing, you just can’t leave right away. I’d take Australia off the list for India, but Oz has some people too close to my heart to let go.

Okay: I get it now. Belgium and India are interchangeable. THERE.

Friends! If you could only go on 15 trips your whole life, which places would you choose? Let’s make this a thing, because you have to understand how hard it was for me to choose. YOU HAVE TO FEEL THE PAIN!



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