Your future is fucked up is what this is

Haha this sucks

I got this book for someone (won’t say who, for she might want to kill herself) and I was a bit intrigued because I’ve read Asher’s 13 Reasons Why (and I kind of hated it). I wanted to see if he writes better when partnered with another writer who I do not appreciate. As you can tell, this post is full of hate.
I finished the book in 3 hours. That is a feat, for I had to fight my hands from putting it down or defenastrating the god damn thing. Let me give you a little info about this book:
It’s about 2 friends who discovered their future lives on facebook in 1996. They discover that every little thing they do affects their future, that’s why everytime they log onto Facebook, their futures change. Like seriously, the main girl saw that she would end up in Columbus, Ohio and she swore that she will never live there- KABLAM HER FACEBOOK NOW SAYS THAT SHE LIVES IN LONDON, ENGLAND. WOW. Of course, we must not forget that every YA novel out there has to have something lovey dovey about it (sup John Green). Asher & co. decided to make it the backstory of the 2 protagonists. Guy and girl are best friends, guy falls in love, girl’s all “you mah fran tho” guy’s all “you a bitch I ain’t talking to yo sorry ass face”.
Before I even turned the page, I knew what would happen. Nothing is exciting, nothing intrigues me. The characters are stock and very annoying. The writing is subpar (I don’t know why I expected much really) and there were minor characters who just filled gaps, no purpose at all.
I’m not going to talk about it anymore. All I have to say is: Why. I expected more, because as much as I hate these 2 writers, they’re better than most of the crap that’s being published right now. I know a lot of teens read my blog, and I can’t force them to read the things I like, but I can suggest better options for them.
I get it, publishing world. I understand the need to get moolah, even if it means having to shell out crap all the time. But it has got to stop sometime soon, because bad decisions like this book (and the entire vampire romance novel section that’s out there in every bookstore) is contributing to how the future generation will think and make decisions.
I apologize to Aldrin (hi pogi!) for reading this book. I apologize to myself, really.
This is how they review books in the ghetto!

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  1. Ang sama magsulat ni Jay Asher. Also: Mas gusto ko yung anna and the french kiss because i am secretly gay. Have you read it? You might like it because I know you’re into sparkly girly teen novels.

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