One train away.

My cousin Trisha is in love with the band Foster the People. When I say in love, I mean she has plans on abducting them so she can make them her baby daddies. So, of course, when she found out they were going to Singapore, she had to fucking go. There are no qualms about it. Thing is, she asked me to go with her.

I said no at first, thinking that I’m already going there in February. I just can’t see myself doing that. But she begged, and I doubt my uncle would let her go without me. She might be older than me but her attention span is that of a 12 year old BOY. Trisha, are you reading this? Eyes on the words, stop looking at memebase.

So I’ll be in Singapore on January 13-15 and Feb 11-16. First trip is all expenses paid, thanks to my uncle (who I love very much!).

Another thing that’s bugging me: My aunt (who I always call mum because she is sort of my second mother) won’t be able to come home for my graduation in June. She can come home, but she won’t be able to go back to Syria because POEA banned OFW’s from going back there due to the crisis that’s sweeping their nation. She can’t not go back. She proposed that we meet in (guess where) Singapore so we can see each other.

That means I’ll be going there 3 times next year, and as much as I love SG, I don’t want to treat the place like it’s just one train away. That takes the thrill out of traveling. The excitement’s gone, and I hate myself for feeling this way.

Before you cast me off as having white girl problems, here’s the thing: I planned so many trips for next year. I want to go to Burubudur, Indonesia with my friend Giselle. We have been saving up for it, and we’ve got enough money to pull it off. Laurene and I also planned on going to the States for a month, and I’m halfway there for our budget. As much as I hate America, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is there. I cannot compete with that.

I have no idea if I can afford all these trips now. I can’t even deal with the fact that I’m getting a free trip this January, because I doubt everything that is free. I really can’t handle when people who work very hard treat me nice things, because I know that their money should go somewhere important.

I talked to my boyfriend about this, and he understands. He just thinks I take things too seriously, and that I should loosen up a bit. We’re graduating, and we need to do everything we want before the real world decides to knock on our doors and swallow us whole. He actually told me to empty 1 bank account, which scared me shitless. He just laughed at me of course, because he knew I would react that way. Gosh, I’m getting so predictable.

So. next year = Singapore(3) + Indonesia + USA.

This has been a post about Ysa’s transformation to being white.



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3 responses to “One train away.

  1. I know, girl. Pulubing pulubi na ako pagdating ng winter. BTW, Indonesia sounds great!

  2. Trisha

    Shit. Now everyone knows about my diabolical baby daddy plan. THANKS A LOT. And how the fuck did you know I was looking at memebase? I do not have an attention span of a…wait. What now?

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