When I enter someone’s room, I automatically think “Well, if I didn’t know this was her/his room, I would never have made the connection”. I then think “when people enter my room, do they feel the same? That my room doesn’t reflect me at all?”.

I’ve had this room since I was 12, and for 8 years I’ve been trying my best to make my room scream my name. I don’t know if everyone feels the same, but I think it’s very important. I want people to see my room and find my personality in every corner. I want them to know about my travels without me having to talk about it.

Kunyari magaling magpicture

I know there are people who are very private and don’t invite friends inside their rooms. I respect that, but I, on the other hand, love inviting people in. I want people to feel at home in my room, because I’ve been to other people’s places and there’s this feeling of unwelcome that just smacks you in the face. It’s like they don’t want you there, and it’s sole purpose is to make you run away and never come back.

what a lovely view, lah?

Also, I feel very lucky to have my own room. As a kid, I had to share my room with a lot of people (aunts, cousins) and I never knew the importance of privacy and the amazing feeling of being alone. When they renovated our house, my mum told me I was going to get my own room, and I panicked. I didn’t know what to do then because hello, I was 12 and because I just didn’t get the concept of having your own space. I asked my friends who had their own rooms (just 2 people, actually. I realized that not a lot of people get their own room as well) and they said they decorated it with the things that they liked. As a geek, the first incarnation of my room is Star Wars and Harry Potter. Oh, you would not believe the posters and stuff that are on my wall. My brother gave me his comic books and told me I could cut out stuff that I liked and put them on my wall. I almost punched him because they were comic books and I cannot deface them. As a kid, I already knew their value so I had to find other ways to satisfy my whim. In the end, I googled pictures of my favorite characters and printed them.

You can't see it, but there's an Audrey Hepburn poster on the side

My room has undergone many changes, just like me. I like to think that it directly reflects how I feel all the time. For the most part, it was messy. I had a very embarrassing adolescence (who hasn’t) and my room told everyone about it.

To be honest, I have no idea how I’m going to feel when the time comes that I have to move out and live on my own. How will I say goodbye to this place? This  is where my first love told me he loved me. We held hands while lying on my bed, and then he looked at me and said he wants me to be his, and his alone. This is where I had my first kiss. This place is my constant companion throughout everything that has ever happened to me, and I do right by it. This place knows more about me than anyone in the world. It never revealed to anyone how much porn I watch everyday (Well, thankfully) and it will never say how I really feel about certain people.

I don’t find it weird that I’m emotionally attached to a place. Let’s face it, this room grew up with me. It has transformed itself time and time again to suit who I am at the moment.

Oh my god my boobs what the hell

Look, my ex drew a cow on my wall. What a nice self portrait.

As for now, I’m still trying to prepare myself for the day that I have to leave.


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