Not so guilty pleasures

I love to read. I love words. That’s my identifier, and I’m proud of  it. There are times though, when reading becomes laborious. Not in a bad way, of course, but when school reading takes over pleasure reading, that’s when it gets to that point.

I have a soft spot for the classics, and no one can make em like they did anymore. But when it  gets too complicated, I like to go to the nearest bookstore and buy myself something simple. An easy read, as they say. Some would call them guilty pleasures because a lot of serious readers out there don’t like to dip in to these books. I’m not judging them, but I for one would never do that. They are still books, they deserve some respect.

So, here are some of the books that I go to when Edgar Allan Poe becomes too much to bear.

Oh lawd, I am not ashamed! (except for the pink book and peeps, those were bad purchases)

This isn’t complete, some of them are missing. Whoever the fuck borrowed my other SASS books needs to show their face and give it the fuck back.

This series is called S.A.S.S. or Students Across the Seven Seas. It’s about a fictional study abroad program and American girls who sign up for it. I love it because the authors actually lived in the countries they were writing about, and they go to actual restaurants and try the food that’s served there. It’s amazing. I got to use Spain or Shine for my trip and Now and Zen helped me deal with the markets in Tokyo. Also, aren’t the titles adorable? Now, if they can just stop the romance part, they’ll be perfect.

At least it's not the Princess Diaries ok

These are the only Meg Cabot books that I will ever read, I swear. The 3 books are connected in some way. Also, the story is in email form. Yes, you have to follow the story through the character’s emails to each other. All 3 books are written that way, and as a 15 year old girl who just realized you could write a story like that, I thought it was the most amazing thing ever. Of course I’ve seen better forms and read better books, but these 3 are my first foray into adult relationships. I have something against teen romances because hello, they are teens. They are going to break up, I swear, no matter how well written their story was. I hate how the ending is so grand, and it makes teenage girls believe that every guy out there is the same as their fictional hero. Honey, there’s a reason why you only read about them.


Let’s rewind, ladies and gentlemen. Imagine a 14 year old Ysa Reyes walking around Fully Booked Rockwell. Out of nowhere, she sees a book with a doll for a cover, titled “Pretty Little Liars”. She reads a chapter, she gets intrigued. She buys the book. After finishing it, she deems it ridiculous but loves how hooked she is. She subscribes to the mailing list, gets alerted when the next book is coming, fights teenage girls for the last copy of Flawless (Yes, I did) and never tells anyone about it. How could she? She’s now in college, trying to get through a Literature degree that she shifts out of in a year’s time. Then, the cliche happened: It’s now a TV show, and they of course screwed up everything.

I really wanted to see my favorite characters come to life and bitch about being so privileged, but no. Now, Sara Shepard has come out with a new series, The Lying Game. I’m not even going to bother with the show because the book is fucking crazy. I love it. I’m waiting for the third book, Two Truths and a Lie. Never going to be ashamed.

Oh, you know what it is

Do I even have to talk about this? Okay, I will. You’ll notice that the Egyptian one is missing. I only buy that shit to complete all his works, but I’m very much ashamed of it. The Kane Chronicles are a sad excuse for trying to revive the Egyptian Mythology. I think Riordan should just stick to the Greeks and the Romans and call it a day. The treatment of the Egyptians is just not right. It’s not as exciting as these 2. I heard from Aldrin that he’s going to take on Norse Mythology. I hope he doesn’t butcher it or I will just lose it. By the hammer of Thor, I swear. Didja guys see what I did there? HEH

That’s all for the printed word. I do have one more not so guilty pleasure to admit, but I think everyone knows about this.

I'm quite guilty about this one actually

There are times that I show people that I am a girl, and this is it. When I’ve bought all the books that I want, I go to cosmetics to make me happy. I need to put a halt to this because there are times that I buy and buy, I forget that I have other necessities. That picture is only the half of it, I have more in storage (back up tubes, blush, foundation and others).

Money is tight, and I also have this thing called traveling that I save up for everyday. Books and movies are forgivable. Make up, I don’t know. Occasional splurge, let’s call it that.

How bout ya’ll? Do you have not so guilty pleasures?

Also: Guys, when you comment, please use your real names and give a legit email add, please. Akismet automatically blocks your comments and I never get to read them. Tata!



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12 responses to “Not so guilty pleasures

  1. OMG what is that Confessions of a Not It Girl
    doing in your shelf? Friendship over. LOLJK! Also: No Looking for Alaska? LOLJK!

    • Sira! Sabi ko nga bad purchase yung kulay pink di ba? Haha. 12 ako nung binili ko yan okay. Also: Yung Looking For Alaska, Hindi yun guilty pleasure. Wala akong nakuhang pleasure dun, at all! EPAL KA HAHAHAHA.

  2. Ela

    Minsan kaya masarap din magbasa ng librong hindi ~serious literature~. Reading for pleasure.

  3. Hindi mo pinakita yung Gossip Girl collection mo.

  4. I don’t use my real name cause the link leads to my semi-anonymous blog (arte ko lang pls).

    Anyway, my guilty pleasure reads in HS were the Sweet Valley books. As an adult, I’ve enjoyed one or two of Coelho’s books (pls don’t unfriend me haha).

  5. I’ve read the Princess Diaries. It’s funny.

  6. Woah! You have so much makeup! It’s like times 20 what I have 😮

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