Food trip

I got the go signal to go to Singapore from every family member whose permission is needed. I’m going there to take part in next year’s Laneway Festival. The line-up for SG isn’t out yet, but I wish it’s the same as Australia’s.

I know I said I’ll never run out of things to do in SG, but I want to center my trip on food (lol like it never was? well yah).
I realized that I’ve been planning to go to these yummy hotspots but I never found the time during my previous trips.

Here’s a shortlist:

  • Dempsey Hill

I’ve asked my kuya about this but he just shrugged so I guess he hasn’t been there or he doesn’t like it there. IDK. I actually forgot to ask Laurene if she wanted to go there because we had other places in mind. I’ve been hearing about this place since I went there last last year, and I think it’s time I finally haul my ass off to Dempsey Hill.

It used to be part of  the British barracks, but they turned it into a foodie’s haven. It’s basically a village dotted with restaurants, quaint cafes and small boutiques for people who want to get away from the hassle that is Orchard rd. They have a restaurant for everyone! People who love brunch, couples who want to have some private time and me, who can just eat everything. They also have the prettiest Ben and Jerry’s (I’ve seen pictures) and that about settles it.

  • Holland Village

Oh, how many times did I bother people about this place? SO MANY. We make plans, but we never push through. I hope the circle line’s finished on Feb so I won’t have to transfer trains and take a bus to get here. It’s out west so it’s far from where I stay, so I never really push myself.

It has every cuisine you can think of, and from what I’ve heard a new place opens up every other month. I’ve also heard amazing stuff about Petit Provence (bakery), which has been there for a long time. I heard it’s a nice place to just sit back and people watch.

  • Sunset Way

I’ve been told that people go here for the ambiance, and that’s enough for me. I’ve seen the selection of restaurants and I don’t even know why I haven’t been to this place. I’m a sucker for neighborhood ice cream places and they have one! I just want to eat forever.

  • Rochester Park

It’s kind of like Dempsey Hill but not as crowded. It’s more of an al fresco place which I love (because I’m a smoker) and I’ve heard that every restaurant has a smoking area, even the ones housed in the colonial buildings. There’s a brunch place there too, and I’m a sucker for  brunch!

  • Chip Bee Garden

This place is quite hidden, and not as famous even though it’s just across Holland Village. Da Paolo group has 4 restaurants here, and I want to try each and every one of them. They also have The Daily Scoop (which has around 40 flavors of ice cream in this location!) and well, it’s ice cream!

  • Greenwood Avenue

Another west place! I’ve heard nothing but greatness about a cake shop here (Lana) and the chocolate cake every Singaporean must try. Since I’m an honorary Singaporean (lol at Monica who declared this last year) I have to try it. I’ll be asking my friends over there (Hi gais) to pre order the cake for me. Valentine’s gift, please?

  • Group Therapy

It’s this new place at Duxton Hill, and it’s more of a comfort food type of cafe. It’s not that famous but I’ve seen pictures of the food they serve and I can definitely tell you that I will have a hard time choosing what to eat from the menu. Thank heavens I’ll be there for 1 week, because they have a special brunch menu! HALLO!

  • Amoy hawker place

I’ve been to a lot of hawker centers and I’ve tried most of the stalls that make them famous. There’s a place in Amoy that serves the best Char Kway Teow in SG, and it’s run by an uncle who’s very strict.

  • Brunch places

I will do anything for breakfast food. Anything. And Singapore has some of the best brunch themed restos and cafes.

  • Marina Bay Sands

Yes, I haven’t dined there yet! I know! Look, it’s very expensive, but Mario Battali has a restaurant there and I just have to try it! I think I’ve saved enough money to do this.


This is a rough draft because I know I will come across more places I want to visit. Also, I know for sure that I forgot to include other restos that I want to try. Maybe  tapas places? I think I remember planning to go to one with Laurene a few months back.

Anyway, if you guys want to suggest a place, please do! Also, maybe you want to come with me? I’ll be there from Feb 11-16. I can’t wait to write about everything! Yes, I will be taking lots of pictures. I’ve gotten complaints about not having enough pictures, and I’m sorry. My cousin Trisha is going to lend me her fancy camera (an SLR? IDK) so I can take nice pictures.

Oh god, I will never lose weight.



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2 responses to “Food trip

  1. Booked and paid for my ticket! If you’re not too busy with your food trip maybe we could tag along with you cause I have no idea what to do in Singapore and I’m staying there for five days. OKAY!


    • OF COURSE! When will you be arriving? I’ll arrive on Feb 11, but later at around 1145. I’ll be there up to the 16th though:) I could tour you guys around, take you to not so token places so you’d get the best of your 5 days.

      Hello to you too.

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