Back from the Underworld


It’s been 2 weeks (?? not sure lol) since my last post and I kind of feel bad about it because I promised myself I would try to write every other day or at least once a week. I just hadn’t anticipated the workload this term throws at me. There was a time this week that I woke up at 3 am with my face on the keyboard, typing V, B, and N. It went up to 12 pages okay.

I got incredibly sick as well, which was unfortunate because I had so many things to accomplish this week, I didn’t even have the time to be absent from school for 1 day. I didn’t have the guts to cut class because I am the most paranoid human being on earth when it comes to cutting.

Let’s recap what happened, shall we?

  • Last Saturday, our prof was absent but he had an activity planned for us. We had to go to Roxas Boulevard and examine the damage that Typhoon Nesat left. It was fucking crazy, but I enjoyed it a lot. We had to make an article about it too, which we had to pass 3 hours later. I really like this class because we get to be on the field. We don’t just listen in class how it’s done, we actually get it done. Here are some pictures:

Guy was surfing yo. Surfing. What the fuck have you done lately

Hardcore tangina. Rock and roll
  • Problem with this was, Typhoon Quiel was on his way. It rained like crazy after we took some pictures and interviewed some people. I think this is the reason why I’m sick as fuck. No worries though, it was worth it.
  • I got to watch 3 movies! Horrible Bosses (which was insanely funny!), The Change Up (I loved it. Back to back Jason Bateman yo!!) and What’s your number? (shirtless Chris Evans HALLO). Okay, here’s the thing: I watched What’s your number? during my 5 hour break which is from 11:10 up to 4. I went to Powerplant mall because I had to pick up something from MAC anyway. I caught the 1 pm showing, and you know what? everyone in the cinema house except me was old. Like, grandma old. They were all friends too. It was fucking weird.
  • Mac’s back from Cotabato! We all met up (Cholo, Ayu, Lui and Me – Jen’s still in Nueva Ecija) and insulted the fuck out of each other. We also made everyone around us uncomfortable, which is the usual anyway.
  • Attended the MAC Me Over launch at Powerplant last Sunday. I bought 3 lipsticks from the collection, and 1 from Viva Glam.  Best thing about the day was the brunch at Cibo. Hihi.
  • SON OF NEPTUNE YO!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny story: I reserved 2 copies (1 for me, 1 for my cousins) at Fully Booked Rockwell a week before October 4 because that’s when it hits the shelves around the world. When Oct 4 came, I got no texts from Fully Booked. My cousins and I were upset bc hello, this is our guilty pleasure here. Then I had the strangest idea to check National Bookstore Taft. Lo and behold, they had it. Amazing.

The next day, Fully Booked texted. Lol, sorry fuck u

  •  Saw Aldrin and Jansen, which made my week better.
  • Finally ate at the newly improved Mcdonald’s Taft! IT WAS HUGE

Barely half of it. It doesn't smell bad inside too. THE SMOKING AREA IS AMAZING

  • Went to Mayday! Mayday! to see my friends, which is the highlight of my week. I missed them all so much, and October is going to be our month. We have a lot of parties lined up, and none of them are a hindrance to any activity I need to finish for school.

Barkada picz. Thanks for the pictures, Mij!<3

One of my favorite pictures EVER


  •  My professor (who’s very hard to please, because well, he’s who he is) just gave us back the paper for our first activity (the one where we went to a precinct) and I got a nice surprise:

You have no idea how happy this made me

        It’s just that we’ve been having such a tough term, and we haven’t heard anything good about what we have been doing, and to finally see something I worked hard on pay off just takes the cake. Also: Lourd De Veyra thought my work’s very good. I was the only student whose work didn’t have bad remarks. Who wouldn’t be happy?
  • Last but not the least, I found a place that sells Taro Milk, and it’s in the canteen in front of my building! This definitely helps keep me calm. I just fucking love Taro Milk ok!!!!!!!!!


That’s all I can muster for today, because I promised myself (lol, again) that I will not do anything school related for at least 12 hours. Halfway there!

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