Hallo hallo! Haven’t written anything in a week due to school and the fact that I go there 6 times a week now. I know some of you are used to that, but being a Lasallian, we had a different system before. We only got to school for 4 days a week (so our weekends always start on Thursday night!!) but the workload was fucking intense. It’s still fucking intense to be honest but we have more time to finish them properly now. Moving on…

I was able to accomplish a lot of things last week! First off, my thesis topic got approved! *applause applause* Second, I was able to finish a lot of schoolwork and see my friends without sacrificing anything. I pretty much stayed inside the library and read books related to my research and hung out with more friends. It was awesome yo.

Last Thursday, I was invited by Globe to a student bloggers event held in Cravings Resto, Shangri-la plaza. They’re launching a new and improved my globe which is now called “m.globe” and it’s for free! More details soon as they are still in the final stages of polishing it but for you Globe users, it’s a must try because it’s free (lol look at my priorities) and it’s going to be a big help to people who always need to be updated about their online accounts. Thanks for the heads up, Globe!

Last Friday night (totally sang that part, no shame), I went out with my friends again. I haven’t seen them in ages, and meeting up in Banchetto is very appropriate because we all love to eat, and if we could eat together forever we would be happy.

Don't mind my friends just look at the food we consumed ho hum

Wat a face

Oh Belle, such a leader in the "classy" department

Last time I saw them was months ago here. Can you imagine that? funny thing was, when we all saw each other, we had the same reason why we were so out of the loop. We were just so tired, and we’re getting old and we really need to sort out our priorities. It might take a long time before we see each other again but at least I know that they’re doing something worthwhile.

Last Saturday, my journalism prof arranged for our class to go to a local police precinct and write a police beat right there. We had to walk there (it was so far, but at least we got to exercise) and when we got there it was a fight to the police blotter. My friends and I thought we could just talk to the prisoners so it would be easier. We talked to the police and the investigators as well so we know both sides. It was a lot of fun and we actually experienced what it was like to be a field journalist. Awesome thing is that it was very realistic, we even had a deadline and our teacher didn’t accept stories that were a second late from 10:30 am. I can’t wait to do it again!

Now we’re back to the present! Today is my papa’s birthday, and as usual we’re not going out because we’re all very busy. We might eat out on Saturday, but for tonight we’ll just order some pizza and pass around hugs to my dad. He’s quite upset because it’s the 3rd year in a row that he has missed the Singapore F1 night race, and he’s been wanting to go there for his birthday since he found out it happens right before it. He could easily go there, no problem but he has work. My papa can’t leave unfinished work or just leave when there’s a lot of work to do. He becomes very unsettled and he doesn’t enjoy himself. I wish I got that from him, but no, I get my mother’s “fuck all I can do it later” attitude.

So, happy birthday papa! You’re the best traveler I know<3


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