Retail therapy/Package from down under

How do you all do?

I’m entering the 3rd week of the term, 11 more to go. Thesis aside, I’m enjoying this term. It’s my 2nd to the last, I have to make it count.

Okay, let’s talk about shopping now! I don’t really like doing my shopping at malls here because to be honest, it’s quite expensive. I like Topshop but the prices are just a bit too much. People are people used to be my go-to place but their clothes shrink.  As much as I want to shop at Ukay-Ukay’s, the clothes that fit me aren’t that nice at all. When I do have the time, I go to Divisoria because I get the best deals (I’m a great haggler) and I’m very careful with my clothes, so they all last very long. Doesn’t really matter where they come from, really.

When I am abroad (particularly Singapore and Hong Kong) I go crazy for Cotton On, which is an Australian brand. Before I met CO, I didn’t shop that much because I never encountered  a place where  almost everything is 2 for $20, $30 and if you get lucky, you get a shirt free! (for those going to Singapore and Malaysia and will be there up to September 22, they are having the 2 shirt +1 free promo!)

Fuck F21 and H&M (just fucking kidding I love you H&M), Cotton On is my place. I like the store because it’s not so big, so you won’t have any problems spotting everything you want. I find it hard to shop at F21 because it’s too overwhelming. There are so many things to see, I end up not buying anything (Laurene can vouch for this).

So imagine my surprise when Cotton On Aus finally launched their online shopping site! I went crazy, I swear. It took me 2 months to finally decide which clothes I wanted to buy. Downside to this is they don’t have the 2 for blah blah promo. I don’t care I still love CO. Comfiest clothes in the world, I swear.

I ordered these on September 11, I got them on the 15th. Four for you, Australian Post! (They also sent it straight to my house!)


Let us move on before I become tempted to order again okay?

Last Saturday, I went to the 32nd Manila International Book Fair with Aldrin (Hi pogi!). I saved up a lot of money for this, and if I didn’t have great self-restraint I would have spent all of it.


I’ve read most of these but I don’t have my own copy so I thought it was time that I did. I also want to thank Aldrin for not letting me pay for Beedle the Bard. Love you!!!

Last and not the least, Daniel (who is from Melbourne) sent me a package, and I guess it was because I told him I like Wes Anderson films and that I love Simon Pegg. Bb listens like a girl<3

I picked it up today!!

Dan spoils me<3

Thanks again, Dan! You’ll be getting yours soon, I promise.

I really like getting stuff from the mail, even if they’re postcards or letters. I just really like the feeling.

Do you like getting mail?

Night for now!



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4 responses to “Retail therapy/Package from down under

  1. Will be getting all my Amazon purchases accumulated in the last months in October! 😀 Aunt is coming home from her Baltimore trip. That’s almost like mail, I guess. I’m going to include you nga in my postcard mailing list. I like sending them when I travel. Send me your address, madam.

  2. akjd

    Hi how much is the shipping fee to the Philippines? (cotton on) thanks!

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