Plans for the remainder of the year

Hello! We’re halfway through the month of September already (IKR HALLO) and to be honest, I have no idea what I’m going to do for the rest of the year. Academics is a given, of course. I have to think about what I can do to escape it though, which is what all of  us should do since we can’t immerse ourselves in things we do not enjoy (do not lie to yourselves you do not enjoy school/work shut up). Since I got back from my trip, I’ve been listing down things I want to accomplish by the end of the year.

  1. I want to have a bonggacious thesis proposal. I know it’s not an escape, but accomplishing this will help me enjoy my free time! My parents said no to my plans on going to Law School (you have no idea how much I fought for this) because they said I can’t lie. I need to learn how to have a poker face first. I am the worst liar in the world, I swear it takes me minutes to come up with a good lie (writer pa ako neto hah, chos). They also said no to my graduate studies plan. They said no to everything school-related after finishing my undergrad, so I have to make my undergrad thesis unkabogable!
  2. I plan to write as much as I can. I used  to write my thoughts first thing in the morning, but I became too busy (and it takes me forever to wake up now) to continue it last year. Sir De Veyra (my writing teacher) reminded me of this, and I felt that it’s time to do it again. Wish me luck (on the waking up part).
  3. Read before I sleep. The internet is ruining me (lol, I’m saying this on the internet hallo). When I was a kid, I would read a chapter or more before I go to sleep. Since I started college, I lost that. I try to do it once in a while but I always fail. It’s weird actually, because I get to follow this regimen when I’m abroad. I can’t sleep abroad if I don’t get to read first. Great thing about this is my reading list is very long, and I have most of the books I want to devour. No need to buy more (which is sad bc I want to buy more dang it). Which leads us to..
  4. Stop shopping so much. Can I have a monologue here, guys? If it’s okay. ” Bitch, have you seen your credit card bills? Yah, bills. You’re finding so much comfort in the fact that you have a lot of cards that work, but look at your life. Look at how much money you owe your mother. I know you can pay her off now, but how about in the future, when you have to work for money? Now you’re cool, because you get to  save up your allowance and collect all the money you get from holidays and your birthday, but that will stop soon. You’re graduating next year, asshole, so you better stop yourself from going to Amazon everyday or you will be poor before you even start a job. Stupid selfish bitch”. Whew, got that off my chest.
  5. Cancel all my credit cards except the ones that accumulate miles. I have to pay off my debts to my other cards (all of them are below 5k, thank dumbledore) and I can do it in 2 months. Just in time to stop the temptation that is Christmas shopping.
  6. Research about Indonesia. As I said before, my friend Giselle and I want to go backpacking across Indonesia before the year ends. This is going to be hard because Gis is used to fancy traveling and has not backpacked before. I’ve only done it once with my dad (Myanmar, Laos, Bhutan and Bangladesh but only in Dhaka) and that was pretty awesome. Imagine 12 year old Ysa carrying a huge ass backpack across these countries looking like hell. I loved it though, every minute of it. Even when we got lost because papa didn’t want to ask for directions (SUCH A CLICHE I KNOW). Now, Gis and I plan to travel across Yogjakarta and Burubudur. My goal is to know every possible way we can go around the places. Proud to say I already started this.
  7. Convince myself to quit smoking before I turn 21. Please.
  8. Last thing: I know this is such a cliche but I really need to start forgiving people. Forgetting, no, because I don’t want to end up in the same situations, but forgiving yes. And I need to say goodbye to some old friends who are  just so different, to adjust is impossible.

That’s all for now, folks. Oh, to those who commented on my other posts, Thank you! check your emails or check back the posts because I always reply to your comments!




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3 responses to “Plans for the remainder of the year

  1. Won’t know what to do with my broke self when I graduate either. 😦

  2. Ali

    Tell us more about that backpacking trip you had with your Papa! 😀

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