Travel Essentials

I’m leaving for Ho Chi Minh tomorrow and I can’t contain my excitement. It’s been 3 months since I traveled and I can definitely say the bug is still lodged in me . This will be my 5th trip this year, and I’m planning to go to Indonesia before December ends with my friend Giselle for a backpacking trip across Yogjakarta and Burubudur. Come January, Laurene and I are planning to catch the Arctic Monkeys in Melbourne. Where I’ll get all that money I don’t know. I might have to sell my body out in Quezon Ave. Anything for travel!

Anyway, I want to show you guys what I usually bring when I travel.


In detail:

Lol at the messy work

1. My travel wallet! Contains my old passport (all my visas are there), my ticket and hotel voucher, my departure card, and all my boarding passes ever (I collect them, you can’t see them though, they’re at the back).

2. Umbrella! You’ll never know.

3. My new passport! as you can see, I am now valid for travel to Iraq~ lol

4. My camera. Yeah I know it’s nothing fancy, but that little girl has taken me to places.

5. Compact mirror. Well duh.

6. My keys. I always bring them wherever I go. Assurance of home, I guess.

7. Moisturizing lip balm and MAC Ruby Woo. Only make up I need.

8.  Extra wallet! This is where I put my dollars. It’s best to separate your dollars from the country’s currency.

9. iPod. To be honest, I rarely use this. Only on the plane ride.

10. My cellphone! I bring both my BB and my Samsung. My bb is always on Manila time, and I adjust the Samsung to whatever the local time is.

11. Original wallet. It’s where I store the local money. In this trip’s case, the dong.

12. My menthols. Lol.

13. A good book. I never go on trips without one.

14. Extra lock. Well, hello.

15. A pen. Srsly needed guys.


Well, there you go. I will finally get to use my Cath Kidston bag because I’m retiring my good ‘ol Kipling. That one has been through hell.

Also: No, I do not use Lonely Planet. I’d rather get lost than stick to that.



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2 responses to “Travel Essentials

  1. I love your Kipling! 🙂 Have a great trip, Ysa. Can’t wait to hear about Saigon. xx

  2. Dianne

    Cath Kidston T_T ooohhhhhh ❤

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