Game Night

Last night I was able to experience a true “game night”. I had played board games and whatnot with my family back in the province, but we usually just play one game until we tire ourselves out.

Yesterday, though, we had planned to play tons of games and even a theme: “Game of Thrones” night. The location was of course, at Essa Pamandanan’s house because if we want a night of debauchery her place is the ultimate go-to.

When we arrived, we had to sort ourselves into houses. Not Hogwarts, because this is a “Game of Thrones” night hello. We had to choose from the houses Targayen, Lannister, Stark and the Black brothers. At first, I got Targaryen (which was totally fine by me hello) but we had to return our slips because not everyone was there yet.

So, for my second and final sorting, this is what I got:


So, meet the teams!! (We are so dorky we MADE TEAMS HELLO)

Can you guess how proud they are of their dragon blood? MEET THE TARGARYENS!

I am Arya, and Yori is my father Ned.

They always pay their debts! MEET THE LANNISTERS!

Sam and Jon Snow! ~The Black Brothers~

We proceeded to play Monopoly deal, which the Lannisters one. We played Monopoly deal before, but playing it belonging in teams that have certain characteristics is a whole new level. Whenever it was the Lannisters’ turn, everyone kept lookung at them to check if they were cheating or being assholes. They DID cheat, but they didn’t put the card in play so we let it pass. The perks of winning is that they got to ask each of us a personal question, but they couldn’t think of one so the losers (including me, hark) asked the personal question instead. We, of course, asked the worst question to ask but it was all part of the fun.

Yes, we went this far.

After playing Monopoly deal, we played Mafia. It was one of the funnest games I’ve ever played. I got to be the Mafia twice in a row, and I always won. I’m good at persuading people to think otherwise, I think. They suspected me a lot, but that’s just because I look like I’m part of the Mafia (or the Godmother of it, really) all the time. I seem to be the type of person who people would ask favors from. Mostly to kill someone, really. I think of it as a compliment!!

This is when they were accusing me of being a killer. They were all right, but I still won. Whatever.

Jean was the second person to be my co-Mafia. First one was Drop. ❤ em both!!

We played so many times, but for the rest I was only a civilian. I would have loved to be an angel. I want to try to save people!

We ordered from Brooklyn Pizza afterwards, and I think we always overestimate our hunger. We never finish one box, and we order 2 boxes of large pepperoni with 2 free orders of buffalo wings that we seldom touch. I feel bad for the uneaten box of pizza:(

Poor Pizza

After this, we played Taboo. The Reyeses versus everyone. It was tough, we had so much fun because we used our lives and dirty, racist jokes to describe the words we want our teammates to guess. I got Big Ben one time, and my clue was “THE FAMOUS LANDMARK AT THE PLACE WHERE THE RIOT IS HAPPENING. IT IS PHALLIC!! IT IS THE LANDMARK AT THE RIOT PLACE!!!! RIOT PLACE LANDMARK THAT IS PHALLIC HELLO!! “. They did not get it. I was so disappointed.

We started at 9 pm and we finished around quarter to 3. When we’re at Essa’s, we always never notice time passing by. I can’t wait to do it again (we have movie night next! and a Harry Potter themed one too!).

Essa and Ysa. Love you gurlllll

Jewel named us “the geeks of the round table”. Of course.

In other news: First term will be over in a week. I can’t fucking wait because this has been such a stressful term, I can’t even function properly anymore because of all the things we need to submit. I’ll be walking along the hall one second and then I would suddenly remember this one paper that’s due in a few days. I would then freak out in a quiet way (is that even possible?).

I’ll see you guys when term ends, okay? Tata!


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