Amazon, love of my life

As I said before, I was given the go signal by my mom to max out one credit card for my birthday. I chose the one with the smallest limit so I don’t go crazy. As you saw in my Birthday Loot! post, I already used the card to purchase my complete set of  the ASOIAF series by George R. R. Martin and 2 lipsticks from MAC.

The reason I didn’t go all out at the mall is because of Amazon. I have a lot of items in my cart, and I wanted to purchase around 3 of them so I can make way for new things to buy.

Before I bought them though, I had to get permission from my mom. I don’t like using my credit card without her knowing, that’s why I always  plan my purchases. Even when I’m abroad, I call or text her just to let her know I will use this certain card for this certain store. My mom’s very knowledgeable when it comes to good offers, so another plus of me telling her about my spending is that she tells me which card I should use for some stores. We get really good deals for a lower price. Kuya Joey, who lives in SG, is also very good when it comes to using his credit card. He lectured me about rebates and why they’re awesome and all that. We even got extra cookies from Famous Amos because of his card.

Going back to Amazon, I like buying in bulk because I get to save up on shipping costs. I also like to wait it out because the prices go really low when they’ve been selling the product for too long. Just now, the DVD of Freaks and Geeks that has been in my cart for a year (I didn’t buy it right away because it costs around $50) just dropped to $31. Same goes for Undeclared, which has been there for a year as well but costs around $45. Now it’s only $24. When it comes to shipping and handling, I always choose Expedited International. It’s in the middle range, but they send it straight to your house without having to deal with customs people. One time, I chose the cheapest shipping option they had because I only ordered one DVD. They sent it through USPS and I had to fetch it at the post office. They made me pay the equal amount of what I bought. That was a bit too much, I mean, I would gladly play for customs tax if I bought something abroad that I could find here but I will not pay that much for something that will never be available here, hello.

Anyway, for my birthday, I chose to purchase these items. I ordered them Tuesday last week and they just arrived. Fast, eh?

It looks like it's been through hell

I GOT IT FOR $39! not a bad price, since it has all the episodes and both movies!



Tip for fans: Don’t buy the 3-6 Ultimate editions yet. 1 and 2 are the only ones with the extended cut, which is the reason why we wanted the Ultimate editions to happen anyway. Let’s wait for  the 8th DVD to come out and maybe they’ll consider redoing the other Ultimate editions to INCLUDE (WB HELLO LISTEN PLEASE) the extended cuts!

Oh, and here’s where I also used my credit card: NATIONAL BOOK STORE SUPER SALE!!


I got the Hunger Games trilogy for only php 750! how about that!

Oh, and stop giving me that judging look because I have every Pretty Little Liars book ever. I am not ashamed. I saw the first one at Fully booked in Rockwell when I was in high school and it was enjoyable. Not so good, but it kept me hooked okay.

I haven’t maxed out my card yet, and I don’t want to, anyway. I’m pretty satisfied with the things I got for myself.

That’s all for today, folks.



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2 responses to “Amazon, love of my life

  1. Ah yeah, the Hunger Games set is cheaper if you buy here.

  2. But the HP 1-7 paperback is cheaper in Amazon!

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