Singapura, oh Singapura with a little bit of KL Pt. 2

Lau at the Helix Bridge outside the Shoppes at Marina Bay

Right after Marina sands, we went to Clarke Quay to watch a football game at a sports bar. Annoying thing was, Singaporeans are Liverpool fans. At the same time the Chelsea match we wanted to watch was playing, Liverpool was also playing. So of course, they chose to air the LFC match. FUCK.

To make things worse, the LRT closed and we had no way of going home because it was so near and we didn’t want to waste money on a cab. So we walked, even though Lau was in crutches, her bladder bursting any second. Midnight struck, we were still walking along New Bridge road, and it was now Lau’s birthday.

Lau wanted to sleep in, so we did. We woke up later than usual and went to watch a movie. Awesome thing about Singapore is that their cinemas show the best films, even the independent ones. We watched Mary and Max, and before the movie started they showed the trailer for Norwegian wood.

We went to the MINT toy museum right after.



can u not see how much i love toys

Next day, we woke up very early to go to the airport for our day at Kuala Lumpur. When we got there, they told us our flight was cancelled and moved to a later time. We were not happy.

Lau's face says it all.

We went back at 11:30 for our 1 pm flight. We were pretty pissed already, but the awesomeness of Changi airport calmed us a little.

We arrived at KL at around 2 pm and the line at the immigration cost us so much time. I wanted to punch a lot of people in the face because they did not follow rules. Good thing Lau was there to calm me down. The KLIA is very far from KL itself, so we had to take a 30 minute train ride to the city. I enjoyed it!

Darjeeling Limited/ Hogwarts express feeling. WE GOT OUR OWN CARRIAGE OKAY

We had very little time in KL. 3 hours, to be exact. We arrived at KL sentral at around 3:30 and hurried off to see the Petronas towers. We had very late lunch at Miss Kwan’s, then proceeded to take pictures at the KLCC park. They were nothing short of embarrassing.


Fairly decent

After this embarrassing fete, we headed to Bukit Bintang to experience the fish spa. IT WAS ALL LAU’S IDEA.

We were being eaten alive

It was 6 when we finished, so we hurried off to the monorail to catch the KLIA express back to the airport. But not without the Bukit Bintang shot!

I was dead inside

We arrived at the airport at around 7 and checked in. WE FINALLY GOT CLOSE TO THE DOOR SEATS!!

4E motherfuckers

We arrived very late and had dinner at McDo. How original.

The next day (our last day), we woke up early to get Lau’s macarons. Awesome right? they were delish! Except the earl grey one. That one can just kill itself.

nom nom nom


We went to Suntec City to get Lau’s Kaya stuff, then we parted ways and we went to finish our last-minute shopping. We went crazy (or just me really) but before we had dinner with kuya, we had Singapore Sling at Tratorria 313 @somerset (fave mall) oh and if you pass by that area, the password to their wifi is panna cotta. You’re welcome.

It was aweome

Had dinner at Muthu’s with kuya, went to back to the hostel to retrieve our stuff and headed to the airport. Lau insisted that he and I get a picture so we put our best faces on.

We tried.

We said goodbye to Singapore with difficulty because to be honest, I would really not want to leave. Every time I have to leave SG, it takes me forever to get to the airport because I can’t bear it. I love the place too much.

Lau and I will definitely travel more together, but one thing’s for sure: It will never compare to our Singapore.

So, Happy National Day Singapore! Good thinking, separating from Malaysia. Look where you are now.


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