Singapura, oh Singapura Pt. 1

Because it’s Singapore’s birthday today, I felt it appropriate that I should finally blog about my adventure with Laurene in SG. To be honest, it was an out of nowhere trip. When I came back from SG last year, I met up with Lau and told her it would be nice if we could travel there together because I always go there alone. She agreed and then 5 days later we discovered cheap tickets to SG c/o Cebu Pacific. There was no seat sale or anything, we just discovered cheap ass tickets. Four thousand pesos for a round trip ticket. How lucky were we? We also opted to stay in a hostel because I don’t want to stay with my kuya and hello, this is Singapore. Even the hostels are top notch.

We got a little lost looking for our hostel at 1:30 in the morning (I know right, me, lost in Singapore?) but we found it easily once I saw the Chinatown MRT Pagoda entrance. Yes, the MRT entrance was right outside our hostel. We got very lucky.

Went to see kuya to get my SG mobile and then headed off to the Discovery Science museum!Before that though, we went to Resorts World to get tickets to Universal Studios for the day after.

Whorin around Vivo City!

Lau and I got kind of lost because the bus we rode didn’t stop in front of Discovery. We had to walk.

I'm not a regular traveler, I'm a cool traveler!

When we got there, we acted like little kids discovering ~the wonders of science~ for the first time. I think that’s how everyone should act like when they go there. I’ve been there before with my Mamanel and My dad but what’s awesome about the places and museums in Singapore is that they evolve. They keep adding new things, and it never gets boring. There’s always something new to see in 6 months time.

Lau looking at one of the exhibits at the optical illusion part of the museumLook guys how did I do it

We had lunch right before going to Discovery. Look at how genius that is.

We ended the day early because well, we were very tired and it took us a very long time to see everything at the museum. It was all very worth it. I adored that place, and I wish I could take all my friends there so they could see why I keep coming back.

Laurene and I went to Universal Studios the next day. We were supposed to meet up with my friends from DLSU’s volleyball team but we weren’t able to see each other (even though there were only a few hundred people inside Universal that day). Place was as deserted as Singapore.

He was creepy

Pretty Lau (I think she hates being called pretty but HAH THIS IS MY BLOG)

In the future I will be in the backseat of this car


Before we left for lunch, we went inside Stephen Spielberg’s hollywood thingy. You go inside and they stimulate what happens in a Type 5 Hurricane, which they really did for a taping of this one movie that I forgot because disaster movies bore the shit out of me. But at the entrance, they had the best posters of great films.

Flash Gordon!:)

Lau was also experiencing Vertigo. I made her ride a KIDDIE rollercoaster.

We promised my kuya that we would have lunch with him that day so we left USS (not before we got our hand stamped! You should always remember to do that! Awesome info: Handstamp was invisible ink, hindi panira ng skin) for the Cathay.

Steak was fucking expensive, thank dumblydorr it was great

Before we went back to USS, we had the customary Ben and Jerry's after every meal. It was kuya's idea, and my fault that kuya likes ice cream now.

Went back to USS to ride the Battlestar Galactica rollercoaster, which, thank dumblydorr was finally open. I’ve been to Universal a lot and this was the first time after a year that the frigging ride was open. I am not mad, simply annoyed.

Fancy! taken at the very small but nice Egypt part of USS

After this, we headed back to the hostel to call it in. We were so tired, and we had a full day ahead.

The next day, we headed to the beach that was FOR FREE.


We didn’t stay there for long because it was very hot, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. We went back to the hostel to change clothes and went to Red Dot museum, which Lau was very excited to see.

Lau really liked the red facade. She wants to live in a place like this now.

It was a rather different museum, but I enjoyed it a lot. It was a place where designs were given the credit they were due, and the people were given time to admire them. Regular household products took center stage.


You sit down, and people sketch you. You can choose which sketch you like the most and take it home FOR FREE

Thank you for the much needed information sir

After this, we went to Marina Bay Sands. I’ve been there before, but on a very hot day and not all of the places were open yet. So went at around sunset so we could enjoy the place more. Lau discovered that I am very good at judging people so we stayed at the top deck of the hotel and she pointed out people for me to judge. She had a lot of fun, and got a bit paranoid because what if people judged her like I did? She then changed her mannerisms but totally forgot about it 5 minutes later because we don’t really care.

Singapore at night. What a beaut.


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