My friends and I had a shouting match earlier (to some outsiders, we seemed like we were trying to recreate the Holocaust but shouting is the only way we talk) and it made me realize how great they were.

Some weird things have been happening in my life, and I had to tell them or else they would have killed me. When they heard, they basically chopped off my head with “I told you so!”, “WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THAT! JESUS, YOU SHOULD HAVE JUST PRETENDED YOU WERE DEAD”, ” ARE YOU KIDDING ME LIKE THIS IS STILL HAPPENING” and the classic ” You are such a dumb bitch”.

It took a long time for me to calm down, and Justin, Cholo, Mac and Ayu were still not done. I wasn’t hating it though, because it gives me so much comfort that they care so much. It was the kind of love I appreciate, and in their words I saw the ultimate truth: it really is time to bring out the real bitch. I mean, you think I’m a bitch? You all think I’m mean? You all think I am heartless? Well, I don’t give a flying fuck because you know what? That is NOTHING compared to me being no holds barred. I will tear you apart and then spit on you while laughing at your dis mangled heart. After all that’s done, I’m just going to tell you that other still have it worse, so stop being such a whiny baby.

Was that mean? Nah, it was not. I just find that there are times that words fail me, and I couldn’t really express how I feel that way. I have to get physical without doing it literally, so I still have to let words do the talking. So there, I described what I want to do to people.

Anyway, after that I went home with my group mates for our last dubbing session. After we have finished, they decided not to go home yet so we can all hang out. It was rather fun, and we were all close before but now we just kind of have this weird bond that only we can understand. I like having that with people who deserve it.

Before they left, Justin told them what he kept on telling me earlier while we were still with Chols and the gang. Everyone then asked me what really happened, and I told them because I have a feeling they would know what to say. They did, and although they reacted differently they still knew what to say, and basically told me everything Cholo said but more calm and less insult filled. I would like to keep them everyday.

Also: I would like to thank Blackberry for amazing settings.





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  1. Thursday @ 3, OK? I need to know what this is about!

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