Birthday loot!

I would have loved to have written Birthday Sex up there, but hey, let us not kid ourselves.

Books 1 to 4 of the Song of Ice and Fire series, 1001 books to read before you die (updated) Harry Potter lego set (a new one!) and 2 lipsticks from MAC.

The ASOIAF came from me (lol) I got the permission to max out one credit card, but I kind of did not want to do it in one blow so I just bought the series and the lipsticks.

The 1001 thing came from my cousins, and the lego set was a surprise from my mom. I was taken aback because she already got me the Hogwarts Castle, but she said it won’t be complete without Hagrid’s Hut (oh mom).

I wasn’t supposed to buy make-up anymore but I couldn’t stop myself.

First one is from the Surf, Baby! collection and the other one is from the Semiprecious collection. I can’t show most of my loot here because I don’t want people talking, and some of them aren’t really material things.

I had a quiet birthday, which I always preferred because I am an old lady. I went to school, had dinner with the family and played with my legos.

I can’t fucking believe that I’m 20. I mean, have I really done all those things? Have I really been to all those places? Have I really wasted my time with worthless people? Yes, yes I have. And I regret nothing.



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