My day in the septic tank

Watched Babae sa Septic Tank with my parents today. We enjoyed it a lot, but of course, having studied mass media for quite sometime now, you can’t help but think of theories and what not. I hate it. I miss watching movies without half of my mind whirring and making snarky comments and the other half trying to find the movie’s place in analysis. Jesus, I can’t enjoy a film anymore.

Anyway, before watching we had dinner at ChocKiss, which is one of my favorite restaurants around the UP area. Everyone has to try their Baked Potato. Everyone.

Saw Helga, Thysz and Hil as well. Had a little chat with Helga (WHO I REALLY MISS BY THE WAY) and it’s safe to say I’m quite happy because we share the same opinion about some issues.

There are times wherein I wish I had chosen UP Diliman instead of DLSU, and this night was one of them. Then I see my friends in school and I realize that I really have made the right decision.

I had a great night, and that’s all there is to it.



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