We judge you because we care, like a little

Some people take what they use as their wallpaper in their gadgets seriously. Some even create their own, using photoshop and other useful things that I will never learn how to use. Some use it to flaunt the fact that they are in a relationship and you are not, and you should feel bad for yourself because “oh look at my wallpaper it’s me and my bhe kissing” but instead of feeling jealousy, you feel this sudden urge to vomit in their throat. Some just use edited pictures of themselves so they could pretend that their wallpaper is their mirror, not a lie they tell themselves every night so they can ignore the fact that their face is really a pimple with eyes.

I, on the other hand, want to crack a genuine smile when I look at my wallpaper, so I used probably one of the best pictures I have been a part of. We are the opposite of everything Jesus told you to be, so I guess that counts as an achievement.

I love each and every one of these people (yes, Lui, even you) and I don’t think that would ever change (I don’t give a fuck if change is constant, you can go shove that opinion up your fisted ass).


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