Nice things

Hello! guess what arrived today?:)

My stuff from Cath Kidston!

I’ve been having a pretty awesome week (well, my brother’s arrival started it off, I guess) and tomorrow I will be renewing my passport (MORE TRAVELING!) and on Thursday..well the end of an era will begin.

Back to my CK loot! Well, I’m not much of a bag shopper really, but when I saw their catalog I kind of went crazy and almost bought everything. Good thing my mom stopped me or I will be flat broke right now. They just have the cutest things, and it kind of turned me into a girl which I really missed.

Here are the things I bought:

That’s my starry book bag! It’s quite cheap, very roomy and it’s  absolutely gorgeous. Will be used for what else: books! But I will use it for shopping around.

This is my starry travel wallet! Finally, it can hold my money, my passport, my boarding pass, and all other things I need to get around. You don’t know how many heart attacks I almost had when I couldn’t find those things inside the airport. Now they’re all together and I never have to worry!

Last but not the least, my spot carry all bag! I desperately need a new travel bag because my old one seriously needs to rest for a while. This one is very roomy and I can fit all my travel essentials here! Also, this has a zipper, and my last one didn’t. Now, I can travel safe!

Best thing about all of them is that their oilcloth based so they’re waterproof, which is a big fucking deal because rain or shine, I travel! I don’t want any of my important papers and belongings getting ruined.

Well, that’s all. To being materialistic!


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