whiff of his perfume

I was on my way home today, when this guy sat next to me in the FX. We were in the back, so we had the bench to ourselves.

The moment he entered and sat next to me, my heart swelled. I felt blood creeping up my cheeks. I have not felt that sensation in a very long time, and his perfume was to blame. He wasn’t bad looking, no, he was actually very handsome and tall. But his perfume though, it was a mixture of perfection for me. It was as if my grandpa’s, my brother’s and my dad’s perfume were all mixed together with a little hint of him in it.

I fell in love for 15 minutes. I barely looked at him, but I loved him. My heart rate went wild when our elbows would accidentally graze, and for 2 minutes our arms did not stop touching. His naked skin against mine, it was electrifying. I would try to steal a glance, but then I would see him looking in my direction and I would get shy. I hated it. I wanted to have the courage to look up to him and smile, and maybe he might have seen something in my eyes. I would take a long whiff, acting as if I had a runny nose so I wouldn’t forget his smell.

Then, it was over. He had to go down, and not once in my life have I ever cursed the streets of Manila for not being congested, but he was an exception.

When he left, and my heart did not stop swelling, I knew.

I”m finally okay.


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  1. This is beautiful. Missed Connections ang drama. ❤

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