Hell term

I’ve been so freaking busy with school that I forget to have a life. This term has been so goddamned cruel, thank Voldy I have people to share it with.

I have to finish:

  • My annotated biblio for my thesis proposal
  • 30 minute dubbing of a show
  • analysis of a show that’s been dubbed to Filipino
  • Globdev being itself
  • Reaction paper every meeting for Filheku
  • Filjorn everything
  • mlargh
  • meehhhhhhhhhhh

That’s just for next week, I think.

Also: About my previous post, please don’t look into it that much. What I meant was that it felt really great to see things that way again. I’ve been zombie-like for a month now, and it was just refreshing to actually be aware of the strangers around me. It was funny how it was actually a stranger that made me realize that I’m all right, finally. I think it’s because of my brother coming home for his birthday (YAY!!!! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY) and we got to talking, and it was nice having someone who actually knows what I’m going through.

So, yeah. Have a great week everyone.


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