Tough love

Chacha and I at Universal Studios

I know I look very tough and bitch-like in the picture, but I think it sums up perfectly what kind of an older sister I am. Of all my younger sisters, Cha is the most delicate. She’s very frail and sickly, so she grew up being cooed and dotted on. With all of that surrounding her, I thought if I would do the same, she would grow up thinking the whole world would treat her the same.

So I used tough love. Whenever she wants to do something, it had to go through me. I don’t take none of her bullshit. I tell everything like it is. When she transforms to this bratty, spoiled little girl, I whip out the beast in me. I tell her she’s lucky enough to have 2 parents, or eat 3 meals a day or even go to the mall.

I’m proud to say it’s working. Even though she cries sometimes, I don’t budge but later on before she goes to sleep, I tell her why I do those things. I want her to be tough, because she’s so beautiful and smart, and I know it’s not going to be easy for her. She needs to know early on what’s going to happen.

So, Happy 8th Birthday Cha! I love you everyday.


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