the conceited ones may as well be blind

People tend to think that the way they do things is the right way. It’s rather funny really, when I start thinking about it. When they can’t get their way, the only one they jeopardize is themselves.

Selfishness is something I do not condone. I tell my sisters everyday that they should never think that they deserve better than everyone else. Everyone gets what’s coming to them, we just have different needs and wants. If you are selfish, fine. Just don’t rub it in my face. I have met a handful of people who think that their selfishness is the way to go, and that I should feel that way. It’s not just selfishness either. It’s just the fact that they want you to apologize for being you and start acting like them so their world can be a better place.

Excuse me, but my mother did not go through horrendous hours of labor just so her daughter can be molded by selfish pricks. She gave me life so I can live it the way I want.

People like these remind me of horses. No offense to the horses, but it’s because of the blinders on the side of their eyes so they can see straight. These people have blinders in their mind. They only see straight ahead, never bothering to consider what’s on either side of them.


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  1. You’re right! This is totally pulling a Britta Perry–whatever. I’ve been making a conscious effort to be kinder. As in I do it because I *want* to be kind. Heh. I think it doesn’t come naturally to me. Not everyone has a talent. Fine, goodness do not customarily emanate from my pores. At least I’m choosing to do it!

    I don’t know. Being a doormat is just unreasonable (and sad), but being jaded and surly all the time isn’t a peachy life either. It’s a fucking drag to be so negative and selfish. That handyman Jesus might know what’s he’s talking about after all. Call the Vatican. We had a convert. LOJK.

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